Growing Pain: This is how parents can help their children 2

Growing Pain: This is how parents can help their children

Approximately one in three children suffers from growing pains during adolescence. The pediatrician explains that parents can support their children in the painful stages of growth.

Tonight, many children's feet, and sometimes the poor, start tickling and aching. When nonspecific pain deprives children of sleep, growth pains are often the cause. Dr. Annette Lingenauber, specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine, explains what growing pains are and how parents can help their children.

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What are growing pains?

Massages or warm wraps can help with growing pains

About every third child suffers from growing pains. Massages can relieve pain.
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"There are growing pains Pain that occurs in the evening or at night"Dr. Annette Lingenauber explains." You're kicking usually on both calves, knees or thighs, is less common in other regions. Typical age is child and basic age. "The special thing about growing pains:"The next morning, the children were again without complaints. About one third of all children are affected. Pain does not appear regularly. "

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What can parents do if their children suffer from growing pains?

"There is no causal treatment," explains Dr. Med. Annette Lingenauber – so nothing can be done against the cause. That's why the exact reason for the growing pains has not yet been elucidated is. Is it really fast rapid growth, specifically growth hormones, responsible for pain. Doctors or parents can only treat the symptoms.

However, some medicines have proven effective against growing pain symptoms. Dr. Annette Lingenauber advises: "Parents can combat pain with a massage, fever or even a mild painkiller."

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Massages against sore limbs

For pain, we're prone to cramps. Massages help parents relieve tension and mild pain. Simply cycle your arms around painful areas. Holy onion or Arnica oil make the massage even more gentle and have a painkiller. A great side effect when massaging: Often touching moms or dads calms the baby.

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Heat should relieve pain from children

Heat can have both a calming and analgesic effect. Parents can wrap or warm their children Put a heated grain pillow in a painful place, Sometimes a warm bath helps before bed.

Cold helps other children. Simply place a cold pack or a damp towel on the sore area. Caution! Coolpacks or other very cool items never directly on the skinbut just wrapped in a towel, use.

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Emergency mild painkillers

If nothing else helps, parents can resort to easy painkillers, Most pediatricians recommend the active ingredients ibuprofen and paracetamol. It is important, absolutely to adhere to the correct dose for children. It is best for parents to speak with a pediatrician about what active substance and what amount they can give.

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What Homeopathic Remedies Can Help?

Some parents also use homeopathic remedies to relieve growing pain. recommended Calcium phosphoricum D12 and Manganum Sulfuricum D12, as fat for administration or oral use.

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When Do Parents Have To Go To A Pediatrician With Their Baby During Growing Pain?

As a rule, the growing pains really are unpleasant but not dangerous, or with these warning signals advises Dr. Annette Lingenauber, go to pediatrician:

  • regular pain
  • unilateral pain
  • clear joint participation
  • Constant pain, it is throughout the day

"Medical treatment for suspected growth pain consists of excluding serious illness, counseling and persuading parents, and recommendations for pain relief."

Author: Julia Adame y Castel

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