Halten's Curse of Rödinghausen - Niemöller remains optimistic 2

Halten's Curse of Rödinghausen – Niemöller remains optimistic

Also in the third attempt they failed to win against SV Rödinghausen. For Seestadt TuS Haltern, the leader of the regional league becomes an opponent of fear. However, head coach Magnus Niemöller doesn't want to know about it and takes advantage of it from a recent bankruptcy.

Halterner was defeated three times in this calendar year, SVR. In addition to a significant 1: 5 defeat in the league, it was the semi-finals of the Westfalen Cup last season, as Niemöller-Eleven only pulled out a short, but now knockout phase, in overtime only in this competition. when the sentence was over on Tuesday night.

"We've played Rödinghausen three times now. It's like the football god doesn't want us to win," Niemöller winked at the duel with regional league leaders. But what encouraged the TuS head coach was the way his team specifically performed in cup duels against a supposedly stronger opponent.

Especially at the last match, Haltern showed a striking effect and had the chance of favorites to get on his feet. The fact that, in the end, was not enough to advance, he resented the leader of Magnus Niemöller, but he immediately saw a positive. "We can't buy anything from defeat," the 45-year-old ordered, to correct himself and add to himself, "In fact, we can bring confidence with us. As we realized we could compete against such an opponent. This will help the boys after disappointment. "

Especially given the upcoming league match against Bonn SC, coach Haltern knew how to take advantage of the defeat and concluded: "We will take confidence with that and we will come home here on Saturday. I'm sure it will be possible in the league."

However, on the off chance that they will break the curse, TuS & # 39; ller will have to wait until the second half of next year. Only in the 27th round of the season does Halterner host the front runners and have the opportunity to put Primus' foot on the road to the third division. However, until then, a full focus on the daily life of the league has been applied, to ensure that they are in the regional league.