Handwerk In Westerstede: Hairstyle sits down and brings success 2

Handwerk In Westerstede: Hairstyle sits down and brings success


The Haarwerk hair salon at Gaststraße 5 is currently atrocious: The situation is new and exciting for owner Nadine Bruns, as well as her entire team. "We are all very lucky," shines the 32-year-old owner with a winner on the bet: Lena Kühn is 20 years old and won ten days ago at the Hanover State Hairdressing Competition.

The nervousness is growing

"I was really nervous during the exam," the young girl says of her feelings. Her exam duties at the state competition were every women's and men's dress plus style and updo – obviously the results convinced the jury. After the announcement, tears were in her eyes.

"The national victory is endowed with a masterful award," says Bruns, who also receives the award for this outstanding achievement. For the hairdressing champion, who as a 25-year-old took over the Rehse salon in Meinardusstraße in 2013 and dared to start his own business, the victory is a great success: It is good to talk about how valuable and how successful a legacy craft can be. "For both the owner and Lena's mother, who followed the company in Hanover, the competition was very emotional.

The 20-year-old, who also passed the passenger exam as the best of the surrounding neighborhoods and thus became a chamber, is the first female scientist at Haarwerk Salon. Lena came to Nadine Bruns in 2016 with an unwanted report and once did a rehearsal. "She fit in well from the beginning. Lena is talented, ambitious and passionate about work. I quickly transferred responsibility to her, sought her out and promoted her," says Nadine Bruns, who now has her own salon at Gaststrasse.

With pleasure

For Lena Kühn, who has an extended high school diploma, hairdressing has been a career aspiration since childhood: "I love working with people." In a job that she particularly likes creativity, she has a variety of tasks every day, how to best fulfill the desires of customers and seek again. Most of all, they like to do sketches and upgrades.

However, she does not have much time to rest: Because after the national victory, it is before the national competition. It will be on Len's schedule on November 10, and will be held in Erfurt at StyleCom. "And then I'm looking forward to Christmas," the young woman says.

Further decorations

Currently, the 20-year-old, who enjoys taking photos and driving in her spare time, drives to Osnabrück once a week. There an experienced hairdresser can optimally prepare for the competition. Exam preparation takes a lot of time. "I love supporting Lena on her journey," says Nadine Bruns. The three women will travel together again to the Thuringian capital in November.

Kühn, who is still being honored in October, at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Oldenburg and at the Kreishandwerkerschaft Westerstede – remains employed as a shareholder in Haarwerk. In the medium term, she would like to attend a master school. "But even as a master, she can still work with me," the Bruns owner announced before.