Hormoneog for menopausal symptoms 2

Hormoneog for menopausal symptoms

Balancing hormone levels with relaxation exercises? With breathing exercises and special yoga practices, inner peace and tranquility should be achieved.

What is hormonal yoga?

If hormone production is partially blocked or not working properly, it can have physical and psychological effects. In addition to adapting drugs to strong fluctuations in hormones, however, it can also be done with traditional medicine to help maintain and maintain hormonal balance.

This is where hormonal yoga comes in: Through meditation and relaxation exercises should hormone production be pushed. In this way, energy (prana) should be directed in the right direction and the natural balance of hormones in the body should be restored.

Hormonyoga was developed in 1992 by the Brazilian Dinah Rodrigues. Based on her knowledge, Dinah Rodrigues, a philosopher, psychologist and yoga teacher, was initially treated during menopause and then developed the concept of therapy.

How does hormonal yoga work?

Hormonal yoga is based on the same exercises of different styles of yoga, especially Kundalini and Tao Yoga. Through meditation as well as relaxation exercises, a positive influence should be exercised on the pituitary gland. It's kind of like a hub between brain production and hormones.

The hormone yoga unit is divided into three phases (warm-up, main phase and relaxation phase) and is basically based on four techniques that are repeatedly used:

  • Bhastrika: This is a breathing exercise called fire breathing. This should release energy in the body
  • ujjayi: In this breathing exercise, it is inhaled and exhaled by the so-called glott, thus stimulating the thyroid gland
  • Bhandas: In Bhandas, controlled muscles are always tense and relaxed
  • Tibetan Energy Control: Relaxation is achieved through a meditative breathing mode and complete concentration on one's body

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What does Hormone Yoga bring?

At this point, it rather has to mean: what should The hormone effect? As there are no independent scientific studies on this form of yoga, the theory of effectiveness is based solely on field reports. According to this yoga practice:

  • create hormone balance
  • Relieve stress
  • Relieve menopausal symptoms and menstrual complaints and cycles

For whom is hormone yoga suitable and for whom not?

Hormonal yoga is not exclusively but specifically a yoga form that has been developed for women.

These complaints / problems hormonal yoga should support:

Hormoneog for menopausal symptoms 3


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In the following circumstances, you should refrain from practicing yoga or prior consultation with your doctor:

Basically, anyone who is not sure if playing a particular sport is compatible with their own health should consult a doctor.