I'm bored: advice against boredom 2

I'm bored: advice against boredom

1. a remodeling area

You don't need any manual skills or a lot of money for this. Sometimes it brings a lot if you move your furniture. Most individuality brings a cool tattoo wall, a new one Wall paint or beautiful posters and photos! And the best; The hours you spend redesigning your room fly.

2. Wipe the closet

Incredible what is in our depths The offices are partially hidden. We don't even wear many things! So high time for a cut! What you haven't worn for more than six months comes in the clothing collection. From the rest, you can explore new outfit ideas by the way. You could also take photos and stick them in your closet! And; Still saying you're bored? ;-]

Go for a walk

Yes, that sounds a bit boring at first glance. But why not just grab your grandmother or best friend and go for a walk in the woods or in the park? Do you still think it's boring? We don't think so. Your grandmother can certainly tell you exciting stories from her youth and your BFF will surely always have something wonderful to tell you. Also: Especially when the leaves are painted on the trees, they are especially beautiful outside! Great photo opportunities you've included below as well!

4. Read a good book again

It doesn't matter if the weather is good or bad – reading is always possible! Whether in the garden, on a beach vacation or at home on the couch. And once you find a good book, you don't put it in so fast. The inspiration is here.

5. Try a new sport

Haven't found the final hobby yet? You have time for this now. After trying yourself through volleyball, yoga or rowing lessons, boredom will be a foreign word.

6. View old photos or read a diary

Whether on the computer, in the album or in a box: Watching old photos is fun! And even reading old diaries can be exciting. Betting that you can now laugh at many dramas from your past?

7th day of beauty

Yes, boredom is annoying. But busy school days are faster than you think. Therefore, you should enjoy the holidays – for example, taking care of yourself only. Put it back on Apply a facial mask, paint your nails or take care of your hair with a homemade hair treatment. Beautiful!

8. Listen to music and podcasts

Pure music is a balm for the soul – if you are Love, sports or on the bus on the way to school. It helps us erase and reach new thoughts. Are you bored? Listen only to new music by genre. What is happening today? German rap, reggae or indie pop? It doesn't have to be your favorite music right away, but it always provides a change! Another inside tip: listen to podcasts. Different species are waiting to be discovered by you. Caution, risk of addiction!

9. Charity work

No, you don't have to help the old omis across the road – though of course you can, if you really want to. But fun: many youth centers are always looking for active support. And who knows, maybe you will know your crash there?

10. Anti-Boredom Questionnaire in the girls.de forum

Do you know the girl.de forum? Not only can you share with others, you can also share ours Answer 100 questions against boredom. With this you should be busy for a while …

11. Meditation

If you really want to relax during the holidays, you should try meditation. This helps not only in the event of boredom, but also through Teaching attention and concentration expand your consciousness and stabilize you in stressful situations.

12th theme park

You really want to take a stroller to the amusement park again spend a legendary day with your friends!; No problem. Even if your parents have to work and can't drive and you have a limited budget, you can we keep you updated on holiday offersSome even offer a chauffeur service and are reasonably priced.

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