In 5 steps to the most beautiful curls EVER! 2

In 5 steps to the most beautiful curls EVER!

Here's how you make DIY curling iron:

To make the DIY Hair Curler, you really only need three things: a round plastic water bottle. a scissors and hair dryerIn addition, gloves for holding the water bottle are an advantage.

Take the purified water bottle and cut a hole in the side of the bottle large enough to fit the dryer nozzle. Then cut off the lid of the water bottle and voila, the DIY iron clasp is made.

Dolls with hair dryer: This is how it works

The DIY curve iron is based entirely on the force of negative pressure. For curly hair, we give a strand in the bottle, blow through the hot air hair dryer into the container and thus swirl the hair for a few seconds. Important: Sets the hair dryer to low heat and low power – finished are your easy curls!

Hair dryer boxes: the result of our test

After getting the hang of it, the hack works really well. However, there are only very light waves, so if you really want to have nice and long curls, you should try using iron or iron straightening.

6. Classic curling iron of all kinds

You just have to have it at home: A classic iron around which you can wrap your hair around your hair. The practical thing about such devices is that we can export any kind of curls at will. The Elehot set (about 40 euros) contains several rods of different diameters ready – and gives us everything we need for a professional style curl.

How do curls work best?

You've finally made big curls, but after an hour they hang flat and dead straight in the head? Then you are wrong: do you spray your hair with hair spray as if it were not tomorrow? Hairspray adds weight to your hair and ensures that the curls are firm for the time being, but to maintain your curly hair, you need to use a different method. Do you have Naturlocken, but want something bigger and more specific? Do not straighten your hair in advancebut try to get to your mane and then curl the desired curls. This tip works wonders and curls will last up to a week on your hair!

For fine hair, it is recommended to knead some hair mousse before styling, This makes curls easier to shape and last longer!