Mental disorders usually occur in childhood 2

Mental disorders usually occur in childhood

This year's "International Mental Health Day" will be on Thursday, October 10th, under the heading of prevention, especially suicide attempts. ZfP Südwürttemberg has for many years committed to preventing mental crises and maintaining mental health.

"Half of all adult mental disorders occur as early as childhood, ie before the age of 15. Creating a healthy social atmosphere for our children is therefore the best prevention," says Professor Renate Schepker, Ravensburg Bodensee Regional Director, ZfP Südwürttemberg. Therefore, it is important to curb bullying at school or at the club, to get to the bottom of the furrow-like behavior and to ensure that trial drug intake does not lead to continued consumption. To this end, staff from child and adolescent psychiatry would continue to teach in schools or to train teachers or school social workers.

The offer of the Esmeralda group for children of mentally ill parents, offered jointly with Jugendamt Ravensburg and partially funded by the district, has also proved successful. Children are taught that they are not alone in the "strange" behaviors of their mentally ill parents. "For adults," Schepker knows from their work, "ZfP employees from psychosomatic care counseling companies." Without an insurance card, advice on how to prevent stress or information on how to deal with anger in a team or with physical symptoms associated with tension could be found. They would also train their superiors.

For people at risk of developing addiction, NDT in the addiction network works closely with other services – from street jobs, subsidizing NDT, to working closely with counseling centers and offering low-threshold office hours. "For those people who end up becoming patients at NDT, our goal is to never have to come back if possible," Schepker says. To that end, we work closely with a community psychiatric association that provides outpatient care, placement and follow-up to reintegration into the world of work.

According to information, the situation of older people sometimes causes psychiatric disorders. Here too, society is invited to create an atmosphere of benevolence, acceptance and appreciation of life's achievements. The ZfP here supports lectures on dealing with initial dementia and has made a significant contribution to the development of the dementia network. That should be improved. "It is objective so that we do not provide enough here," says regional director Schepker, "we would like to see a lot more involvement of the local community in citizens' councils."

A major problem is the inadequate provision of home care and day care services, including day job offers that are appropriate for the senior semester. "If loneliness threatens the elderly, as well as the psychological forces that disappear, it can be difficult for the soul," Schepker warns. "We would very much like to see the county council, for example, fighting demographic change and thinking about what bids should be urgently supported here in the region." Expert advice has already been promised.

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Mental disorders usually occur in childhood 3
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