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New at Geiger Kirchheim Teck Sauna: HydroMassage® salon

Source: / HydroMassage®

Source: / HydroMassage®

The growing Saunabau Geiger Wellness House in Kirchheim Teck now houses 2 JTL HydroMassage® lounges to complement the 20-year-old HotDog tanning salon.

A powerful, intense massage that relieves tension with the hydroelectric power station – HydroMassage® massages the entire back of the body in a calming and warming way with a strong water wave.

In the lounges, the client takes a reclining position and is fully clothed with no place for shoes. HydroMassage® lounges, previously found in airport VIP boxes, studios and spa hotels, provide an effective break from the tiring and tiring, cold and stiffness and stress symptoms.

Hot water nozzles (33 to 41 degrees Celsius) stimulate the entire recumbent surface, from calves to head, at intervals of 30 integrated massage zones. The client can intuitively determine the intensity on the touchpad itself. He can also decide for himself in which important or particularly comfortable place he would like to pause the massage jet. Also, the speed of the water jet can be adjusted by the customer without Personalhilfe – by tapping the touch screen with your finger.

The soft surface of natural rubber makes it comfortable for both large and small people. On request, the pillow can be removed from the neck and head of the massage to suspend.

During the massage, the visitor can enjoy relaxing on-screen music with headphones or natural animations – or just relax and close their eyes.

Before the massage, the toilet should be visited or after the massage procedure given a glass of water that further stimulates the lymph and therefore detoxification. After the massage has expired, the visitor stays on the HydroMassage® armchair for about 1 minute.

Many rehab clinics and physiotherapy centers use Hydrojet® and HydroMassage® technology to relieve pain and restore muscle.
They are available in models as reclining chairs, armchairs and – as in the Geiger violin sauna – as reclining recliners.

So practical:
Before work – at lunch – after work – after solarium – after exercise … 10-15 minutes experience an effective deep relaxing massage. No lining. With music, with video. The visitor relaxes, protected from view, surrounded by the "sound of the sea" or the sounds of a roaring waterfall. It is possible to enter your own massage limits (for example, only upper back, only lower back, legs only, etc.). It's a pleasure the client can cover up. No meeting required.

People with acute inflammation, venous diseases, thrombosis, attacks of rheumatism and arthrosis, recent injuries, skin diseases, infections, fever, heart and blood disorders, epilepsy, hematomas, spinal / spinal disorders, and persons with addictions and psychiatric disorders should not receive mass still manually unless expressly permitted by a physician.

Depending on the intensity of the massage, "sore muscles" may develop.

Autumn trial offer from October 2019
10 minutes 5 euros – no meeting.

Would you rather enjoy hand massages of connective tissue, back, sports, "mommy" and more – with and without a singing bowl – in our facilities for a massage therapist, wellness therapist and yoga teacher Mrs. Veronica Beschkitt?

Then contact Ms. Beschkitt under 0175-4191715 to schedule an appointment at Saunabau Geiger House.
e-mail: New at Geiger Kirchheim Teck Sauna: HydroMassage® salon 2

We look forward to seeing you!

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Saunabau Geiger is a family-owned craft company in Kirchheim / Teck, specializing in the construction of saunas of all kinds, steam baths and infrared booths for over 40 years. From complete equipment through
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He has been at the Saunabau Geiger House for about 20 years, a HotDog tanning salon with five sunbathing spots.
Visit the Mediterranean Sauna Exhibition on two levels larger than 600m². Free parking is available directly in the house. Arrive at the Geiger Geiger sauna at exit A8 at Reudern exit (Kirchheim Teck West). Make an appointment with the owner, Mr. Peter Geger, or come
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