Picture Advisor: "Success Starts in the Closet" | Free Press - Jobs and Careers 2

Picture Advisor: "Success Starts in the Closet" | Free Press – Jobs and Careers

Do you know that? The closet is full, and again you don't know what to wear. Picture and Suit Advisor Carola Nahnsen wants to change that. In a new "Free Press" style column, she will reveal on Friday once a month that the right choice of clothing not only looks good, but emphasizes his personality. Katrin Saft spoke to her in advance.

Freie Presse: Why do you still need a picture and clothing consultant today? In the meantime, almost everything is allowed. Even board members cut ties.

Carola Nahnsen: Yes, the dress code has become more casual. Social media shows a lot of street style. People today do not want to be forced to the norm. It is good and has something to do with freedom. But it also carries dangers.


Success begins now in front of the dressing room. When we enter a room, we make an impression in milliseconds. Our expertise comes after that. Because of this, companies whose employees have contacts with customers are increasingly complaining about being too laid-back – for example, men who come in shorts and sandals in the summer. Or about women with spaghetti straps or a deep neckline to look at the neckline. Sometimes customers or other employees don’t know how to deal with it. In that respect, I am experiencing a change: the desire to pay more attention to clothing. I have to think about how I would like to work and on what occasion and who will oppose me. The choice in stores is huge today. Since the advice was gratefully accepted.

But there are also now, on Instagram or other social networks, zig-zag icons that hundreds of thousands of people follow.

Yes, but good style does not mean to imitate someone or look good in a day. The question is before, what clothes show credibly to others, who I am and what I want – in partnership, at work or in a circle of friends – without converting. Clothing, hairstyle, makeup and body language should be means of communication that express my outlook on life, my point of view. I want to help create a personal picture.

How does it work?

I look at what kind of life situation someone is currently in, what industry they are on the road to, how they want to be perceived and what they feel comfortable with. The whole thing usually starts with a wardrobe check. Do the individual pieces fit in purely in size, but also in the personality and effect that one wants to achieve? Anyone who knows what they stand for feels more secure and radiates it.

And how do you know what one stands for?

My mother was a tailor. As a kid, I dug through her Burda pattern sheets, was there to choose fabrics, and saw how much she played. After school, I wanted to be a decorator at a large company, but I was rejected because I was too shy. Then I started to wonder how to be convincing and still be true to myself. I learned hotel management and worked at various 5 star hotels, including England. Also privately I was abroad a lot. Fashion has always followed me and shaped my personal style. Stylist Astrid Rudolph, who was introduced to ZDF's "Schick & schön", taught me the tools I needed and finally dared to take a step in self-employment seven years ago.

What are the biggest mistakes women make when dressing?

Many women think that they play safe and wear black almost every day. Even gray or blue is a change for her. I think it's a shame, because women are visually pulling a lot. Black near the face also emphasizes wrinkles. A common problem is that women cannot part with clothes that have become too small and grieve for the size they are most likely to never wear in their lives. The aura and fitting suit has nothing to do with the particular size of the garment. Instead of emphasizing problem areas, such as a too narrow belt or too short a skirt, the most appropriate point on the body should be adjusted.

The young generation of women no longer wants to hide and confidently wears the short, even if the figure does not fit the slim ideal of beauty.

Of course women can. The question is whether they always do them a favor. People rate what they see. In this respect, it is never a mistake to check your own effects in the mirror. Does it have to be a tight top of the jersey that emphasizes each roll? Wouldn't tall jeans make you a better figure? But often this is not a conscious provocation. Today, women have to fulfill many roles – as a partner, at work, in the household. Sometimes it's just a matter of doing something for yourself: for example, taking longer to do hair or makeup.

And what do you recommend for men?

Men are often less critical of their appearance. Pay attention to how many run around with too long pants or suits that fit well. Many are older than they are. With small changes you can quickly make a big impact. For example, highlight bright colors. Even the nicest white shirt doesn't help if you have a beer belly. A dark shirt, well-maintained jeans and a nice leather shoe can bring a lot.

Today, many even look at Sunday walks or the theater as if they wanted to go hiking. Why change if there is such a practical Allzeckklamotten now?

Because it has to do with appreciation. The actors have been making great costumes for a long time, too. I show respect for that, even if I'm chic. Then you can enjoy a completely different evening. With a few classics in your closet you are always well dressed.

What are the specific ones?

Jeans and a dark blue blazer, which can also be made from a comfortable jersey, are a good fit. Both can be combined with a blouse or t-shirt, depending on the occasion. Accessories complete the garment and can quickly change it.

In his first column tells Carola Nahnsen tomorrow how News in your own wardrobe discovered.