SBV stands for Descent

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When using pesticides, the risk should be reduced. For this purpose the descent path with target values ​​should be anchored by law. The Swiss Farmers Association supports this time.

Members of the National Council for Economic Affairs and Taxes (WAK-N) support the sister committee's parliamentary initiative regarding the two initiatives "Clean drinking water" and "For Switzerland without synthetic pesticides":

It proposes legal anchoring of descent paths with target values ​​for the risk of pesticide use. This seeks to create greater accountability, WAK-N claims. The Senate Council can now draft the bill. This should be treated in accordance with agricultural policy 2022+.

The Swiss Farmers Association (SBV) supports the Commission proposal. "The parliamentary initiative thus strengthens the National Action Plan for Plant Protection Products," SBV wrote in a statement Tuesday night. This has created the conditions for association so that the Council of States can continue without delay the consultation on an initiative to ban drinking water and pesticides.

The pesticide initiative calls for a ban on synthetic pesticides for production in Switzerland and for imports. The Drinking Water Initiative Starts with Money: Only farmers need to receive direct payments without the use of pesticides, preventive or systemically administered antibiotics and purchased feed.