So get off your carbs overnight! 2

So get off your carbs overnight!

Most people who want to lose weight avoid carbohydrates in the evening. But nutrition scientists have discovered: Carbohydrates are not only essential for a balanced diet, the best time to take them is contrary to all assumptions just before bedtime …

Multiple diets, fast healing and dieting recommended for fast weight loss carbohydrates, especially after 18 hours, Especially in the late evening, bread, pizza, pasta and Co. should literally make the change and ensure faster growth. However, this widespread dietary rule is now being called into question. If it is a nutritionist, the reverse is the case – experts now dare even claim that Carbohydrates help in the late hours of weight loss need. What is it based on and Of course, we did some research on how to use carbohydrates to burn pounds overnight, and of course we'll find out now.

Carbohydrates: So nightly consumption helps with weight loss

Ladies, our deepest desires have just come true: We have long believed that our beloved carbohydrates – known to contain the most delicious foods – get fat at night and you can only eat them with a bit of conscience before bed. now nutritionists, that's all nonsense. London-based fitness instructor and dietitian Matt Hodges has even found that eating meals with rice, pasta and bread before bed can help lift more body fat, He even goes so far as to advise people who want to lose weight Substitute breakfast for dinner. "Eating carbs in the evening is cheaper to lose fat"according to an expert opposite the Healthista portal.

He further explains: "We now know that in the later stages of sleep, our body becomes metabolically active and burns fat, so the idea of ​​eating a meal you ate just before bedtime is nonsense." A meal rich in carbohydrates at night can help muscles use glycogen – the fuel our muscles need for exercise the next morning. And his research is not alone, for even nutritionist Azmina Govindji has found evidence that carbs are by no means bad for the character. "It's just that the calories you eat are smaller than we burn"at which time of day it is not relevant.

In addition, special carbohydrates in the evening promote a good night's sleep. Your advice: Oatmeal cooked with low-fat milk just before bedtime is the perfect snack in the late hours of the night because it contains low fat and lots of B-vitamins that calm the nerves, Several studies, one Israeli and one published in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovasise Disease, have also shown similar results. Respondents who consumed 80 percent of carbohydrates in the evening lost more pounds and body fat and also less hungry during the day. There seems to be no need to worry about excess carbs in the evening – pizza tastes much better! 😉

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