Solidarity with other women 2

Solidarity with other women

Lauterbach (pm). "Definitely," Dorothee Köhler replies, as Pastor Sylvia Puchert asks her if she wants to participate in the design of Lucy's devotion for women with breast cancer. The devotions, which always take place in early October, "Breast Cancer Month," are devised by both diseased and misunderstood women. "To me, it's a matter of heart out of solidarity with other women – even if I personally have no touch with breast cancer," explains Köhler Vlch. Puchert 2015. But that should change soon. Less than a year after Lauterbach's Dorothee Köhler joined Lucia's design team, a major shock occurred: a diagnosis of breast cancer.

"It really blew me away," the 61-year-old remembers. There was no excessive number of cancers in her family: "I always thought it was a disease. I'm sure I couldn't." But in May 2016, a lump in her right breast was clearly visible on a mammogram.

Like Dorothea Köhler of Lauterbach, there are many women in Germany. More than 150 people hear a diagnosis of "breast cancer" daily, about 50 women die every day – "although the disease, if detected early enough, is actually considered good for cure," says Dorothee Köhler. She was lucky, the prognosis was good, the cancer was soon recognized. "But I always go for mammograms regularly, that's important," Köhler warns.

Next Friday, October 11, a meditative evening service will be held at the city church as part of the Lucia action. Entitled "All Care Throws Him Because He Takes Care of You", those affected and their loved ones and all people who wish to express their solidarity are invited. It gives space to worry, sadness, but also hope. It starts at 6pm. "However, it should not be an insider service," explains the Rev. Karin Klaffehn, who, along with the women's team, will play Lucia Devotion in the national team for Sylvia Puchert. "You can take care of other issues as well. There are many existential threats. Belief can help us get rid of worry, so the service is for people who have no contact with breast cancer."