The health authority advises influenza vaccine in the fall 2

The health authority advises influenza vaccine in the fall

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A recent study from Denmark also identified hypertensive patients as a risk group.

The ideal time to get flu is October or November. This was announced by the Rostock County Health Department. There are enough vaccine doses available in the country, according to the Association of Pharmacists and the Family Physicians Association. The flu season began in early October and runs through next April. Last year, according to the State Office for Health and Human Services, about 5,800 people in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had the flu virus.

Not everyone has to be vaccinated

The virus is not a common cold. The Robert Koch Institute recommends the vaccine especially for people over 60, for the chronically ill, pregnant women and medical staff. Also The Robert Koch Institute Standing Vaccination Commission advises annual vaccination in the fall months. The intensity of the upcoming flu epidemic and the effectiveness of the vaccine cannot be predicted.

Study: A new risk group was identified

The flu vaccine is useful for people with high blood pressure, as shown recently Study from Denmark with over 600,000 participants: The overall risk of death was 18 percent lower when they were vaccinated with the flu. It is not yet clear how much flu is hurting people with high blood pressure. Researchers suggest that a strong immune response to the flu virus can affect the stability of vessel walls, causing heart attacks and strokes. Scientists recommend the flu vaccine to all people with hypertension.

Especially many flu deaths 2017/2018

A strong flu epidemic in the 2017/2018 season has that number the highest number of deaths in the last 30 years. An estimated 25,100 people died from the flu at the time, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin.

Further information

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