The perfect eyeliner: That's how it works 2

The perfect eyeliner: That's how it works

Regarding the kajal the eyeliner Most girls will not give up, but so many have their makeup problems. In the beauty forum, these questions continue: "Kohl's always blurred – what can I do about it?" Many also want to know how to make their own "Optically Magnifying Eyes" it can. Mä has the answers to your questions!

Eyeliner Fails: You should avoid these make-up analyzes!

1. The texture of the eyeliner does not match

When buying your next eyeliner, think about what look you want to use, because you can't apply all-eye makeup. Basically, Smokey Eyes uses a Kohl cream pencil, a fine lining with a felt coating and a wide gel-coated makeup.

2. Forget the primer

The icing on the cake with an eyeliner is the primer, so the eyeliner holds you too! So before you apply the eyeliner to a primer or eye shadow base, then pencil does not!

3. Gap between eyelashes and eyeliner

An eyeliner is supposed to thicken the eyelid line visually, so the eyeliner is drawn as close as possible. If you leave a visible gap between the lash line and the lash line, this effect disappears.

4. From the inside out

A perfect eyelash line always pulls from the inner corner of the eye outwards – in one go! If you don't have a lot of minutes yet, you can also put in lots of small strokes, which you then attach to each other.

5. Apply straight

Especially with the leaders of the loop, you should not apply the straight, but slightly curved eyeliner. To open your eyes, the widest part of the eyelid should be where the highest part of your eyebrows are!

6. Use only black eyeliner

If you use black eyelids on the upper and lower eyelids, they often look very hard and make your eyes look heavy and small. A brown or light eyeliner or kohl on the lower lid looks more natural and visually fresher!

7. Wet roof for lower eyelashes

Even if you prefer liquid eyeliner: In the lower lid, it is more difficult to apply properly and often appears very dark.

8. ERROR: Do not let the eyeliner dry

Especially with liquid eyeliner you need to be patient and allow it to dry after application. If you have waterproof eyeliner all over your face where it doesn't belong, the day has come …

How does the perfect eyelash line work?

Eyelash line on the eyelashes top

The classic eyeliner above highlights your eyes discreetly and is therefore perfectly suited for school. Do this on the inside of the eyelashes and draw a uniform line at the edge of the eye. If you have close eyes, start better in the center of the top cover. You get the cat's seductive eyes if you pull the eyeliner just above the corner of the eye and slightly upwards. If the eyeliner needs to be "more dramatic", just make it a little bigger.

Eyeliner on the lower eyelid
In addition, you emphasize your eyes when applying kohl or eyeliner between the eyelashes and the eyes on the lower eyelids. Design the upper eyeliner slightly thicker below, otherwise you will appear very "painted". Just try what best describes your type and how you feel.

Which color suits me?

The classic eyeliner is black the coffee, Both tones can be worn as well as in combination with a lighter eyeshadow. Works with light hair and skin color dark blue or brown often softer than black. The most intense is one white or light blue– or for the party sometimes gold the silver,

It looks better colored eyeliner Suitable for your eye color and / or clothing. Cool also works dark green in brown eyes and violet with blue eyes. The general rule is: dark kohl gives depth to the look, colored kohl emphasizes eye color.