To set up a digital clock 2

To set up a digital clock

Digital watches give you time at a glance, clear and simple. But adjusting is not as easy as on newer models that only require a finger tip or touch, and instructions vary depending on style and construction. The latest models can be adjusted with the buttons to the left and right of the call, but for vintage models you may need to look at the back of the bracelet – and in a manual.

To set up a digital clock 3

credit: jacoblund / iStock / GettyImages How to set up a digital clock

Step 1: Press the right buttons

Check your watch for a "running" mode. A typical digital clock can be adjusted with buttons visible from the clock to the left or to the right or four of which surround the face. The button may be labeled "Setup" or "Setup" or the like. The Status feature often tells you about the features available. Press "Mode" two or three times or as directed until the screen blinks.

Step 2: Adjust the hours and minutes

Keep going. The Stauer Magnus digital watch, for example, has four buttons: stop / start, reset, operate and backlight. Press "Mode" three times to start the process until the screen flashes. Reset selects the time, and Reset selects two minutes. Press "Mode" to select the time you have set.

Step 3: Set Alarm or Timer

If you notice Magnus Stinger, you have to double-tap "Mode" and then select a combination of other buttons. It's different for each brand – it's almost a secret to learn the complications of your watch – so check your manual if it's not self-explanatory and follow these instructions if you don't use them often.


Instead of buttons, many digital watches have tiny round buttons on the side of the table. Instead of squeezing them with your fingers, you should use a pen or lock to push them into place. Do not use a pencil as the cable may break. If you have an old school LED clock, it may be 70 seconds, but it is even harder to reset than the newer models. For example, the Hamilton QED has buttons on the side – but you only need to press these buttons to display the time each time you want to see it. To adjust the time, you must go to the back of the bracelet and press a time adjustment button on the back while pressing the "Command Buttons" buttons on the front.