Weight Loss: This is how Jamie Oliver lost 12 pounds without dieting 2

Weight Loss: This is how Jamie Oliver lost 12 pounds without dieting

TV chef, restorer and cookbook author – Jamie Oliver found his passion in delicious dishes and recipes.

Now the celebrity chef is discovering a different recipe for success: how he managed to lose twelve pounds – without dieting.

Jamie Oliver was about to burn

Jamie Oliver has always cared for the nutrition of children and healthy eating in school canteens – his own health often failed along the way.

Just in time for his 40th birthday, the TV chef noticed that it was time to finally pull the record and change his own diet.

As a difficult entrepreneur, Jamie Oliver complained about circulatory problems and acute sleep deprivation shortly before burnout. Three hours of sleep needed to be 100 percent the next day.

That even a healthy body would eventually give up in such circumstances. Therefore, the author of the order did not ignore the warning signs and started healthier in his second half of life.

So Jamie Oliver lost 12 pounds

In fact, the father of the family owes his loss to a very simple food exchange – he exchanged meat for nuts.

In addition, he integrated more vegetables into his diet plan and was assisted by a sleep counselor. Since then, TV Chef 22 Watch Off Lights – Before Bedtime.

More sleep, more exercise, more nuts, less meat – that doesn't sound that difficult.

Compared to UK Express, Jamie Oliver explains: "It's about the awareness and the knowledge that you are doing something and being more careful. I lost 12 kg pretty quickly and didn't eat it without eating anything. I ate a lot, more than I used to. . "

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Weight Loss Like Jamie Oliver: Alcohol is taboo

Something crucial had to be given up, but then Jamie finally reached his goal – alcohol.

It is often underestimated how many calories are hidden in a beer after work or a glass of wine with friends. Here he hides the greatest danger that the restaurant owner underestimated.

Jamie Oliver points out, "The average Briton drinks alcohol. I'm not telling you what to do, but my rhythm now is to drink only on weekends."

Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Holistic Medicine and Dietitian, explains to Express: "Alcohol is high in calories and carbohydrates, which means that not only your purse suffers, but your waistline as well."

An alternative instead of permanently abandoning

It does not always have to be a strict diet to achieve your goal. Jamie Oliver's success story shows that you don't necessarily have to do without certain foods.

The trick is to eat the right thing and find simple but effective alternatives to some unhealthy sins.

However, what plays an important role is alcohol renunciation – and also sufficient sleep is necessary to allow the body to regenerate properly so that it can be ready the next day.

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