Wild Carnival: Halsey releases the music video for "Graveyard" and revives his drawing 2

Wild Carnival: Halsey releases the music video for "Graveyard" and revives his drawing

Halsey know: Sometimes you have to escape from reality. In his new music video to "graveyard"The singer runs away from her own kindergarten and imagination about a wild carnival with a Ferris wheel, rides and an aquarium. Anton Tammiwho initially points the camera at the pop singer sitting on the bed. Halsey paints a picture of a young woman. In their imagination, they come to life and lead them to a magical amusement park. A mysterious, young woman is playing "euphoria"star Sydney Sweeney.

Two women run across the fair, try different rides and games, flirt with each other, … Halsey follows her friend into the aquarium landscape and finds her no more. Left alone, the singer literally lacks the air to breathe. Breathing for air, she wakes up to realize that it was all just a dream.

Halsey – Cemetery

Listen to "Graveyard" from Halsey here!

"The Cemetery" will be with more songs – like "Nightmare' "Without me' "Clementine"And more – on the upcoming Halsey album"manic"To be heard." Manic "appears on January 17, 2020, "I'm closing the chapter with the album," Halsey says. "I close the lid of the suitcase, so to speak, with the Graveyard album.

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Fans discovered that the same aquarium could be seen in music videos for "Graveyard" and "clementine" and began speculating: "" Clementine "is more or less a sequel to" The Cemetery. " Clementine "symbolizes the healing process A traumatic experience of a former relationship in a" graveyard. "In order to heal, Halsey first had to leave and injure an anonymous young woman," the fan writes. Halsey's make-up in "clementine" indicates an injury – a bruise or a blue eye – that she caught fire through the trauma and begins to heal.

Halsey – Clementine

And Halsey is excited about how much her fans think:

Listen to the "clementine" from Halsey here!