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2005 Ruth Taylor – Darlington County – SC Honorary Mentor

"Once every nine weeks, my chemistry classes and I host a lab experiment. Parents, staff, and community members are invited to join us. For the first nine weeks, I use calorimetry lunch as a means of physically engaging parents and members of our chemistry classroom … Guests and students use calorimeters that were previously designed and created by students to burn a nutritional sample of their own choice. Using the data they collect, the calories in the sample are then calculated using several energy per mule. The collected data is charted overhead so that everyone can analyze and discuss the results. The lunch items are then consumed by everyone. "
"For the second nine weeks, the classes choose a lab where they can show what their talents are about in chemistry. One lab is a music lab where students perform vocal or instrumental pieces and then take guests to a lab where they calculate energy. and frequency for different instruments, as well as the principles of instrument-based gas laws Other classes have chosen to do a CSI chemistry lab where they skit to set up crime scenes which lead guests to a qualitative analysis to identify the chemical found clues to the victim to suggest the cause of death.The parents who visited the labs are excited to be part of their teenager's classroom, saying that since their children teenagers come, they feel disconnected from learning in the classroom. My goal is to reattach them. "
Principal Arlene Johnson expresses great warmth for the Mayo chemistry and environmental science teacher, "… it's a joy to work with Ruth Taylor. She is constantly looking for opportunities to use community resources to attach importance to her subject." . Ruth himself is a very kind and generous person. She is true to her word and her work. "
Taylor earned a bachelor's degree in science and a master's degree in secondary science from Francis Marion University. She has been certified by the National Council and has been teaching for thirteen years.

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