5 Tips To Help Us Keep Up With Menopause 2

5 Tips To Help Us Keep Up With Menopause

Particularly during menopause and associated hormonal changes and slowing metabolism, sometimes it's not so easy not to increase. However, using these five tips should not be a problem in the future …

During menopause, not only does hormonal balance go crazywhy some of us suffer from hot flashes, mood swings, hair loss and loss of libido, Also, metabolism is not as active as it was ten years ago. This, of course, results in a decrease in our base metabolic rate, and we – especially if we do not adapt our lifestyle to these changes – an increase of one or two pounds. Of course, this is the last we want and if we are Listen to the following five tips in our daily lives, we do not accept during guaranteed menopause.

Especially when it comes to weight, a healthy and well-balanced diet is necessary, so especially at menopause, we should pay attention to what can be on our menu and what foods to avoid. Vegetables and fruits make up most of our meals as they provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals, and some varieties like legumes, lemons and red berries can also relieve other symptoms of menopause. In addition, instead of white flour products, we should use delicious and much healthier alternatives to whole grains, as they provide a longer sense of satiety while protecting against the nasty craving for food.

On the other hand, we should prefer to avoid too much meat, savory meals, ready meals, unhealthy snacks and too much alcohol as these would slow down metabolism.


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5. Just relax

Particularly when you are experiencing fever, mood swings and other negative side effects of menopause, the nerves are sometimes just bare. This stress is not only bad for our mental health, it also negatively affects our figure. The reason for this is the stress hormone cortisol, which puts our body in a state of emergency and finally calls for more energy – in the form of food. To prevent distribution, we should therefore rest a little and relax a little each day. Whether we do yoga, read a book like the bestseller "Menopause, Don't Panic !: My 10 Secrets, How to Stay Cool During Hot Flashes" by Katja Burkard or relax a relaxing bath – the body also needs rest and regeneration for all body functions as well as metabolism they function optimally.

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