Aerial Yoga: How Does Yoga Work With A Cloth? 2

Aerial Yoga: How Does Yoga Work With A Cloth?

Just let go – that's the idea behind aerial yoga. Physically, you can simply let all the limbs hang. But even mentally it should help to turn off our heads for a while and drive away worries.

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a relatively new invention. Around 2014, this form of canvas yoga was developed, combining traditional Indian asanas with elements of Pilates as well as acrobatics and dance. Aerial yoga has a bit of circus and variety. The whole thing is trained with a trapezoidal iron cloth of about six square feet. At first this hangs like a suspended table from the ceiling. As a yogi, you can relax in it or use it to support asanas that are difficult or impossible to hit on the ground.

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Aerial Yoga: How Does It Work?

In the case of aerial yoga, the fabric simultaneously becomes a training partner, a massage device, and a practical helper. The soft and powerless structure of Lycra fabric, it is necessary to counteract various exercises with proper body tension. You can blow your whole body into the air and, for example, enter the floating headrest. Or put only one foot in a rag and make an elongation with the rest on the ground.

Finally, the tin can also be used as a protective cocoon in Aerial yoga. This is often practiced at the end of the exercise and creates a relaxing effect. Because nylon fabric is particularly elastic and fits perfectly in the body, it evokes associations in the womb and childhood.

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For whom is yoga appropriate for cloth – and for whom not?

Basically, aerial yoga is suitable for everyone. Due to the supportive effect of cloth, it is easy to learn even for beginners. Even older people and people with back problems benefit from the floating effect of aerial yoga, because it protects the joints and even alleviate discomfort like a stiff hip. There are some limitations, though.

Cloth yoga is not suitable for:

What exercises are performed in aerial yoga?

Although classical asanas in yoga are adopted by cloth, they are more likely to appear in modified form. Since aerial yoga is a very recent invention, the basic exercises that could be found in any course have not yet been established. Still a few classics emerged.

  • Rib's Hang: Here you lie in a cloth running along the ribs or under the armpits around your body
  • Hip Hang: Leaning forward, the fabric lies under your hips and helps, for example, in the execution of "Looking Down" dogs
  • Aerial Bhadrasana: In this exercise, the patch supports the legs in a butterfly pose
  • Back straddle: The back-to-back back is supportive of the back and is especially used in head-over-head or arm exercises

This small list not only shows how diverse aerial yoga is at all. It also clearly shows that in this form of yoga, asanas would never be possible without a cloth and on the floor. A butterfly, for example, poses upside down.

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What are the risks of aerial yoga with you?

There is basically only one risk: Hanging air can cause nausea or dizziness. However, cloth exercises are not dangerous. The disadvantages are different types at the moment: aerial yoga is still relatively expensive, and places where you can exercise are limited. In addition, yoga teachers have to provide relatively much help here, which limits the number of potential students.

Aerial yoga should bring relaxation and distribute stress. But it should also strengthen your muscles and confidence. Because really indulging yourself, it also requires courage. This makes cloth cloth one of the most innovative and versatile forms. Although the price speaks for many against regular exercise, trying in no way is detrimental!