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Dr. Juliana Reis (standing, second from left) informed attendees of proper dental care and illness.

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At the NEUN2727 seminar, coordinator Doris Völkl welcomed nearly 40 people at the health center. Rice's health in a one-hour exposure showed that mouthwashing began.

Oral care should be at least as important in the elderly as pedicure, razor and physiotherapy. Even in the elderly, consistent dental care, gums and dentures are important. Chewing problems adversely affect overall health. Rice required individual care for the elderly. The goal is not expensive dentures, but existing structures as long as possible and avoiding complex treatment situations. The dentist talked about tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis), periodontal disease, periodontal disease. Intensive oral hygiene and prophylaxis such as professional dental cleaning are recommended, where bacteria and germs are minimized. Gum massage with an electric toothbrush for bacterial protection is an important process.

"Chronic inflammation like periodontal disease is a risk factor for overall health." Patients with periodontal disease have a double risk of having a heart attack or stroke because bacteria and germs flow from the mouth to the body. Even young adults are at risk. Every other adult between the ages of 35 and 44 is affected by periodontal disease. "Teeth have an effect on organs and bodily functions." Also, jaw infections should not be underestimated. The speaker spoke of a "hearth theory" which says that the hearth is a place or organ that is not itself ill but makes other organs ill. Especially for chronic diseases of rice we recommend to look for "oven".

Headaches can be caused by root-treated teeth, wisdom teeth are often associated with cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. According to the hearth theory, the liver and eyes are in contact with the canines. Large molars are associated with discomfort in the stomach. "Frontal tooth disease can be a cause without children." Any dead tooth can adversely affect the organs in the body. She herself has experienced this in her practice of how intestinal problems disappear by removing teeth and reducing inflammatory value.

The next stage of periodontitis is periodontal disease, bacterial inflammation of the dental bed. Often this disease begins insidiously and goes unnoticed in the patient. "If left untreated, loosening and tooth loss occur. The risk of developing periodontal disease increases with age."

The dentist spoke about oral mucosal disorders in geriatric dentistry such as dry mouth, low salivation, gum proliferation, fungal infection and inflammation of the oral mucosa. The audience then drilled a dental technician with their questions. "If you eat fruit or sweets for breakfast, wait half an hour with your teeth brushed because there is a risk that you would have dissolved them from the rough surface after eating and brushing your teeth. It would be better to brush your teeth before breakfast. Otherwise, regular two to three times Dental care and a balanced diet are important for dental and gum health.