Anti-aging: hyaluronan in crow's feet: This is a miracle weapon works on wrinkles around the eyes 2

Anti-aging: hyaluronan in crow's feet: This is a miracle weapon works on wrinkles around the eyes

Laughter wrinkles may sound a little friendlier to you than crow's feet – but eye wrinkles won't make you younger. Why Hyaluron helps against crows feet and how best to apply cosmetic ingredient, we tell you here.

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The tiny or sometimes even larger folds at the outer corner of the eye are called crow's feet because they resemble, in their shape, a warped bird's foot.

Anti-wrinkle hyaluronan on the eyes – that's the beauty of miracles

Hyaluron, also known as hyaluronic acid, is not an invention of the cosmetic industry. It is a water molecule that naturally occurs in your body. Hyaluronan is an important component of your connective tissue and skin. Hyaluronic molecules can bind their own weight to moisture. This property makes hyaluron an ideal filling material that not only cushions the skin but also supports collagen fibers. Not only will eye wrinkles fill, but your skin will also regain its natural elasticity.

Unfortunately, with age the skin loses hyaluronic acid. For this reason, you need to provide extra hyaluronic acid to sensitive skin around the eye area: Hyaluronic acid capsules are just the right choice, as they internally support your body with a beauty ingredient:

How come crows feet?

If you laugh, blink or close your eyes because, for example, the sun blinds you. Then the muscles in this ocular region shrink. The result: the skin wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is naturally much thinner than the rest of the skin on the face and the rest of the body. In addition, the skin loses its elasticity during life. External influences, such as intense heat and cold, further emphasize sensitive skin. You can hardly avoid the negative external influences of the environment such as exhaust gases and other pollutants. Your own behavior also affects your skin. For example, one sided diet and lack of sleep favor wrinkles in general, but especially around the fine eye area. Long celebrations, alcohol and smoking add weight to your skin.

Over time, the elasticity of the skin is no longer sufficient to smooth out the relaxed eye muscles. The result is initially small and fine lines of laughter, which later turn into deep wrinkles of the eyes – the so-called crow's feet. For example, complex Skin Glow capsules contain high-dose hyaluronic acid:

This is the best way to prevent wrinkles on the eyes

Avoiding laughter is no way to prevent laughter wrinkles or crow's feet. But there are some things you can do to avoid wrinkles or delay their creation. If you wear sunglasses in the summer, you avoid blinking and clogging your eyes and therefore your first wrinkles. One cause – not just for eye wrinkles – is lack of moisture in the skin. If you give your body enough fluid, your skin will benefit too. Good advice against crows' feet, then, is a lot to drink. If you drink at least two liters of water during the day, your skin will remain elastic.

Skin also reflects your lifestyle. Make sure you get enough sleep. In addition, exercise and a healthy diet are good advocates for maintaining firm and youthful skin tissue for as long as possible.

Hyaluron is one of Ten smooth skin creams, You must not use creams and other skin care products with hyaluronic acid until the first wrinkles are formed. Then the drug also helps to strengthen the wrinkles on the eyes and at best they even disappear. But since hyaluronic skin content has been decreasing rapidly since the age of 25, you can prevent the crow's feet from preventing it. A prerequisite for this is to start skin care with hyaluronic acid early. Direct intake of hyaluronan as a dietary supplement is even more effective, In general, make sure that the products you use contain highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. Only then can the active ingredient penetrate the skin sufficiently and develop its effect. Particularly effective are care products where you can read the abbreviation HAF. HAF stands for hyaluronic acid fragments. They can be especially well absorbed into the skin.

If the crow's feet are already deep and very pronounced, you can inject the folds with hyaluronic acid. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons have been using the dermal filler to treat wrinkles for a long time, because the application is well tolerated and at low risk.


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