Before home game: TGS Pforzheim seeks confidence - Sport - Pforzheimer-Zeitung 2

Before home game: TGS Pforzheim seeks confidence – Sport – Pforzheimer-Zeitung

Pforzheim. So, you did not present during the 2019/2020 TGS Pforzheim handball team. The planned concept for the succession of Andrei Klimovec failed, after defeating Pfullingen and Horkheim in the meantime he can be found with 7: 7 points, only so much in the single digits.

Above all, the chance to perform in Heilbronner's treasure disappointed, a hope that would be swallowed after casting on the coaching shore failed.

From a home game against TSV Blaustein on Saturday, also given the heavy episodic program, a couple points ago. It won't be easy against the back either, because after three weak games – including a slim win at Willstätt – confidence and confidence in the Wartbergers are not very pronounced.

Desired root formation

If we take the quality and quantity of the composition, there is certainly not much to worry about at Wartberg, but perhaps the fact that one can occupy each position twice can bring unrest and uncertainty into these. This could prevent the root formation from being imported. And you need this root formation to enrich it with variants and additional players.

With an opponent from Alb-Donau-Kreis on Saturday (7pm, Bertha-Benz Hall), a team previously, for many quite surprisingly last season, with a national championship and as the biggest success in club history, the climb is secured in the 3rd League. In the season so far, the rookie, of course, had to admit that the wind in the new league was blowing much rougher. Blaustein is acting offensively, aggressively in defense, a variant that should give more freedom to Pforzheim players, especially in circle positions.