Buchen: "He used to be pleased when he was full, he should save the world today" 2

Buchen: "He used to be pleased when he was full, he should save the world today"

Buchen: "He used to be pleased when he was full, he should save the world today" 3

Dr. Gunter Frank made it clear about bad fats and other damn food. Photo by Anthea Fischer

A book. (afi) With a lot of humor and science-based knowledge, Buchen-born Gunter Frank on Wednesday night at a fully occupied Old Town Hall about big food mistakes and other false assumptions. His message was, "Grandma's Kitchen is the Best!" Before the GP gave a lecture, Waltraud Herberich welcomed guests as the first president of the Vitalica Club to host the evening. “In our brief club history, today's class is the highlight!” She explained.

"There are many books on nutrition, but we (Léa Linster and Professor Michael Wink) wanted to do it differently," Dr. Frank. The usual book is called "Carrot Loves Butter". It is based not only on scientific knowledge, but also contains many delicious recipes from chef Léa Linster.

The three authors recommend simple, good quality ingredients that are handled in the traditional way – as in a grandmother's kitchen. "Cooking is one of the greatest civilization achievements, and it has cost many lives, because the principle was 'try and go wrong', but knowing how to prepare what many stomachs tested," said Dr. Frank.

In addition to simple and high quality ingredients, special attention should be paid to soups and sauces that should ideally not come out of the package. "It's important to allow children to access and cook with original recipes at an early stage," said the GP. Orienteering always offers an appetite: "Our appetite tells us what we need! And our pelvic brain returns to us after a meal, whether we can handle it well and continue to eat without hesitation or not."

In addition, it is important not to relate the topic of eating to sins, but to view it as a life-enriching resource. Dr. Gunter Frank criticized: "He used to be pleased when a man was full. Today he should save the world." He referred to trends like vegetarianism or even veganism, which not only save the poor animals, but also need to be environmentally friendly, and ideally also reduce the hunger of the world.

Modern nutritional recommendations today would be scientifically and morally legitimate – but not always right. "Almost a new religion has been created, some products even advertise layoffs, such as" Innocent smoothie. Sin has absolutely nothing to do with eating! "The author of the book emphasized. Enjoyment and food are inseparable, and what at first glance looks healthy is not always healthy.

Dr. Frank warned: "Don't trust any studies, many are based on observational studies and you can really prove them, for example, if you want to know why SPD is losing more and more members, I can tell you why: declining decline Correlation is not causation and therefore observational studies are worth almost nothing ”.

Instead, one should rely on prospective, randomized intervention studies. For example, they could prove that fat consumption does not have a detrimental effect on health parameters. Thus, one of the many nutritional errors is clarified.

Also on weight it would not necessarily be: "Depending on those who are really obese, BMI is not suitable for weight rating because women over 80 have the highest life expectancy if they have a BMI of 32 and are obviously overweight." the worst thing you can do, because the yo-yo effect is almost impossible to avoid. Dr. Frank said, "If there really is one diet that helps to lose weight permanently, why does a new miracle diet come out every year ?! For a period of ten years, no diet stops well."

Therefore, it would be better to eat simple but good ingredients, prepared in the traditional way, and enjoy without remorse. Dr. Frank concluded with a quote from his co-author, Léa Linster, "Calories that do not bring happiness are meaningless."