Can yogurt be turned into mayonnaise? 2

Can yogurt be turned into mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise and natural yogurt have many properties, from their lightness to their thick, creamy textures. However, they are different substances in their composition. Yogurt is simply milk that has been acidified and thickened by beneficial bacteria, while mayonnaise is an egg and oil emulsion added with lemon juice or vinegar to revitalize its flavor and neutralize its richness. You can't turn yogurt into mayonnaise, no matter how you try it, but sometimes it can be a supplement or a substitute.

Can yogurt be turned into mayonnaise? 3

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The benefits of yogurt

Since yogurt is made entirely of milk and mayonnaise is made almost exclusively of oil, it is not surprising that a spoonful of monkey contains more fat than a full cup of yogurt. It is also packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals, most of which are completely lacking in mayonnaise. When preparing your favorite sandwich or salad, you can easily reduce calorie count and nutritional value by mixing a little yogurt with mayonnaise and not using the whole wizard.

Some advice

Yogurt contains a low viscous, water-based whey that leaks over time. If you use it in salads or sandwiches, you should serve it immediately instead of preparing it first. In this case, "less natural" yogurt is a better choice than your brand because it is thick and stabilized with gelatin. You can also drain your overnight yogurt on a filter lined with a pudding bag that will squeeze most of the whey and leave a thicker, creamier yogurt.