Cooking on a George Foreman Bridge 2

Cooking on a George Foreman Bridge

The compact, electric George Foreman Grill is a great tool if there is no stove or only if you do not want to negotiate the chaos and effort of a baking grill. Although the grill is intended for cooking, it is usually located on the outside of the barbecue. With a little variety and the right technique you can use it to prepare different types of egg dishes.

Cooking on a George Foreman Bridge 3

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Raise the front of the grill. The George Foreman grill is built with a slope from the back of the grill forward to allow the fat to flow, but when boiled egg, it can cause the uncooked egg to also run. Place the spits or the edge of a cutting plate under the front two legs of the grill to lift the front legs so that the front of the grill is flat or slightly higher than the back.

Prepare your eggs. For the scallops or omelet, pour the eggs into a bowl and mix with a fork and a palm of salt and pepper. Add a nut to the omelet. Place the eggs on the grill to heat them directly.

Grease the grill. Place the grill and rub it with butter or margarine as soon as it begins to heat. Use a generous amount of fat, especially if you cook only the eggs, as the "ribs" of the grill make it harder to remove the eggs clean than with a flat pan.

Let the grill warm up for readiness. Try it by dropping a small amount of water to the hot spot. When the water sprays, as soon as it starts, the grill is ready.

Put the eggs on a grill. Slowly remove the egg mixture or push the two eggs over the grill.

Add cheese if you make an omelette. When the stuffed egg mixture cooks, sprinkle enough grated cheese to cover the top of the egg.

Turn or stir the eggs. Mix the omelets with a wooden or plastic spoon or spatula – do not use metal – as when cooking with the pan. If you turn the eggs lightly or fold an omelette, use the most flexible plastic spatula you can. Gently use the spatula under the egg. Starting from the front to slide over the sides of the grill. If you have problems, use two spatulas at the same time to get down the two sides of the egg.