Crusade against the bee 2

Crusade against the bee

In addition, green crosses shot like mushrooms from the ground. The idea came from a farmer known as blogger "farmer Willi" Willi Kremer-Schilling of North Rhine-Westphalia. "Burning old tires, trekking, or spraying buildings with liquid manure (as the French do) certainly would not bring us the good will of our fellow citizens," he encouraged in a blog post about the recently decided federal government agricultural package in early September.

Two panels and green – that's enough

Instead of yellow vests, such religious symbolism, preferably in bulk, so the media noticed it. "We will tell reporters that this 'agricultural package' is threatening not only the existence of our farms, but also the supply of the population with regional food," Bauer Willi offered a proper press release to download. "You need two boards, some green paint and a few screws – these should be found on every farm," he said, who first peeked on social media and then rammed into the countryside, hoping for an echo: "Mirrors" and "tagesschau" also reported true "young freedom" in a "silent protest at the edge of the field".

In the district, farmers felt a chance to kill two birds with a cross. The idea is less against Berlin between Wertheim and Constance Bauer Willi, though Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) and Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) have grabbed a national ban on controversial plant killer glyphosate from 2023 and the magic of many plant sprays in protected areas as early as 2021. in his agricultural package. Local crosses were mutated to commemorate the petition.

Those to whom poison-free agriculture is clearly irrelevant include the fruits and Hopfenbauern in Bodensee. Their silent protest turned into actionism that "targets below the belt," as reported by Konstanz "Südkurier." The Tettnang County Council, for example, sent a letter to its nearly 1,000 members asking them to write to supporters of the referendum and "to inform them of their responsibility for regional production." Attached is a list detailing about a hundred bee friends – names, addresses, telephone numbers and contact persons.

Eco-companies are already bent

On the one hand, it violates privacy. On the other hand, it is reminiscent of the secret "enemy list" of Monsanto glyphosate producers, with the help of 2017, a pre-registration of weed killers in the EU should be achieved. Among other things, the Bundestag's green parliamentary leaders, Anton Hofreiter and Kathrin Göring-Eckardt, have been cited as critics of glyphosate. To get the two of them on the road, farmers should call or text them to express concerns about the ban on glyphosate, according to strategic documents from a US company now belonging to the German Bayer group.