Dream of destinations for the perfect break for girls 2

Dream of destinations for the perfect break for girls

In Munich

Of course, Oktoberfest goes to Munich and you should not miss Dirndl. However, a hotel in Munich during the Wiesn period is difficult to get, so such a short trip should be well-planned and accommodation must be booked in time. Especially for big events you should always confirm the booking for security in writing.
Not only is Oktoberfest worth a visit, in general, Munich is ideal for a short break for girls, especially if wellness and shopping are on the schedule. If the girl's journey is for beauty, then you should definitely make sure you book a hotel with a spa area. Although many hotels offer outdoor guests the spa area to use, it is more convenient if you can go straight from an app back to the room and let the relaxation still work.

City tours with culture and fun

Immediately after London for shopping and sightseeing, breakfast in Paris or the historic city of Prague. In Europe, there are many wonderful destinations that can be reached at reasonable prices. If you are flexible on the short journey and do not want to travel during the holidays or weekends, there are flights to each city available at an affordable price. Those who want to visit interesting sights with their friends often benefit from a week-long trip because then popular destinations are not so crowded.

I go out to Ibiza

Ibiza is considered by many Germans as the 17th Federal State, so it may be that you are on a short trip to familiar faces on the road. Ibiza is known for its party miles, but the Balearics with its other islands offer a varied program. Who is a little quieter when A short trip with the girls would like to stay in one of the other islands. Menorca in particular is considered a quieter island with much less tourism and also offers the chance to find some rest. There are frequent ferry routes between the islands and you can rent motorbikes, which can also be used on the islands for various sights and leisure activities.

In the East

The East is becoming more and more attractive for a short trip as prices for accommodation and flights are usually very cheap. Warsaw, St. Petersburg or even Moscow are popular destinations, especially in summer. But also the golden beach at Bulgaria competes with popular places like Ibiza.

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