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Fergie is on her beauties

Because of the & # 39; lot of water & # 39; and & # 39; enough sleep & # 39 ;. Royal Rebel Sarah Ferguson breaks with celebrity conventions and is open to her beauty interventions. Opposite the British Journal Daily Mail She told us what was behind her youthful appearance: many visits to the cosmetic surgeon. The 59-year-old admits that Botox, Filler and Liftings belong to her anti-aging weapon. "To look good at 60, you have to help a little," she says in an interview.

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Since 1992, it will help

Fergie prefers minimally invasive treatments. She started by injecting Botox into her forehead, and now injecting vitamins and organic fillers, using a laser to prevent wrinkles. "I don't like the frozen look," he explains. London doctor Dr Gabriela Mercik has been responsible for maintaining facial aging since 1992. "I often think of them as guinea pigs," Fergie says. Also, he made threading cheekbones in 2013. "When you look at my photos after I do it, I look a lot better."

For comparisson: Fergie Before Threading (2012) and After (2014, Right)
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The skin has aged too much sun

Currently, Sarah Ferguson is dedicated to repairing sun damage. "I have to repair the damage that happened in childhood on the beach. That's why I do mesotherapy and get vitamin cocktails to moisturize and strengthen my skin. I started laser treatment, but it's not over yet." So, tanning is taboo for them: bottles. False. "Refreshingly honest with The King!