Fluoride in pediatric dentistry / Latest research shows parents' insecurity (PHOTO) 2

Fluoride in pediatric dentistry / Latest research shows parents' insecurity (PHOTO)

10.10.19 12:22
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Bielefeld (ots) –

The topic of career prevention for children can be considered
diverge. Some use fluoride as a standard
Ingredients in toothpaste, others in fluoride
only concentrated source in the form of vitamin D. pills
In many cases, children take fluoride from both sources. Too
Fluoride dosage can cause lifelong fluorosis in children,
This will also change the color of your teeth.

59 percent of the 1,000 parents surveyed currently feel partially affected
until you become very upset if your child is fluoridated toothpaste
swallowed. A third of parents who are aware of fluoride in
Kinderzahnpasta to restrain, justify that they are
You want to prevent fluoride ingestion.

76 percent of parents surveyed would become one for their children
Use fluoride-free baby toothpaste if it is equally effective
Protects against decomposition, like conventional fluoride products.
a representative survey of parents with children from birth to
Year 12 shows a great need for environmental information
Caries prophylaxis in children.

The Federal Bureau of Risk Assessment (BfR) is in one
Commenting on the question of how to treat newborns and
The child prevents the best caries and at the same time too much
Fluorine escapes.

Most important result: BfR advises, only one form of BFR
To use fluoride prophylaxis. Many people follow this assessment
Pediatricians also recommend the use of fluoride in toothpaste
beige. Already, 18 percent of respondents have this recommendation
received from his dentist. Every fifth family respects loudly
Research when buying baby toothpaste that they are not
Contains fluorine. Parents often use toothpaste once a day
with and once daily fluoride-free product. These results
documenting parents ’insecurity. Dr. Wolff sits down
She has been intensively addressing the issue of fluorine for 15 years
Dental care separates and promotes modern research approaches and
Science. Specialist in skin, hair and teeth research
on a future-oriented path. Teeth care for children without
Fluoride relies on caries protection by biomimetic hydroxyapatite,
in brief: BioHAP. It is scientifically proven and appropriate
reported that hydroxyapatite is also in caries prophylaxis
acts like dental care that contains fluorine.

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