Horoscope: So the weekend will be from October 11th to October 13th. for you, bright star 2

Horoscope: So the weekend will be from October 11th to October 13th. for you, bright star


The moon is on your sign at the weekend and gives you a lot of energy. It's the perfect time to spend your sporting time in a good mood for the weekend. On Saturday, you could also make an interesting meeting.


The moon supports you in Aries. You can do a lot. On Sunday, though, it could be a little confusing. It's hard to think straight. What can help now is a walk in the fresh air.


Saturday requires caution. It could get someone coming in contact with you that you haven't heard in a long time – that will be exciting. And also Sunday is under a good star. The sun and Zeus provide wellness as well The full moon gives you the power you need for next week.


Aries Moon puts you in a tense mood. You should not give too much space to your thoughts. Try to distract yourself. On a Sunday, the full moon makes it hard to look. Relaxation in the form of reading or meditation is now appropriate.


Saturday is great for taking care of erotic affairs. You are open to new ideas and strive for challenges – perfect conditions for you to experience something! On Sundays, your quest for business continues. Contacting others is just the alpha and the omega for you.


Do you feel drained and unable? That could be the full moon on Sunday. So there's no need to worry – after all, the weekend is there to set your feet high.


On Saturday, you feel invited to tell others what you have for them – this The heart is in your tongue. However, you should avoid larger crowds. They could be discussed on Sunday. Try to stay calm. At night your mood will be better again.


The Saturday night is perfect for walks and fun with friends. This brings you to other thoughts. On Sundays, it's worth keeping your eyes open. At first sight love is very strong.

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When cleaning and housework, you can close Saturday well – at the same time you secure your order. These are two birds with one stone. Aries Full Moon lets you break between action and recreation on Sunday. Spontaneity is necessary here.


Saturday, your past could cover you – the reason is the moon of the moon. Try not to let the whole thing get too close to you and look ahead. Sunday is quiet. What about a relaxed breakfast as the start of the day?


Do not hurry up and follow the rhythm that your body dictates. Do things calmly, then nothing can go wrong. Sunday seems completely different. You feel like a lot of things. You don't know what to do first.


It's hard for you to hear your emotion. Therefore, it is also difficult for you to decide how and with whom you want to spend Saturday. Try not to offend anyone. On Sunday, things are similar. The solution may be to only take time for yourself.