How To Get Dirty Pony 2

How To Get Dirty Pony

Messy bangs are a great choice for anyone on the go. With a small product and a hairdryer, you can leave the door in no time. Mosquitoes are characterized by air bloating or even dirty appearance and can complement both men and women. With the right piece, a dirty pony can add an extra impressive feel to the hairstyle.

How To Get Dirty Pony 3

It's easy to get dirty strokes in the right style.

Step 1

Visit your hairdresser and request a multi-layered cut for your pony. The mattresses scan your pony in one way or in different directions, making the product easier to find without standing flat. Levels allow you to experiment with many messy looks. Ask your stylist for tips on what to do with your particular face shape to make the chaotic look even more flattering.

Step 2

Create your own pony as an alternative to professional cutting. Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry your hair. Comb your pony so that it is naturally in front of your face or covered. If you distribute your pony properly, do so before you start cutting. Decide how long your pony should be before you start cutting.

Step 3

Create unstable layers by cutting your pony. Cut your pony with a comb and pull sections from top to bottom. Scissors from the upper layers to the lower layers. Cut a piece so that your pony layers are scalable. You can do this as you wish. Some people choose to make irregular cuts with a variety of long and short layers on the pony. Others choose to have the smaller layers on top and the longer layers on the bottom.

Step 4

Dry your pony dry. Use a spray or hair spray with freshness on your hair. Use your hands and throw your pony. Remove or share them. Add more products as needed. Grab your pony and hit it by tapping your hair. Women may want to add hair clips or hairpins to enhance the look. Use these items to knock part of the blow off your face and let it fall to the side of your head.