Jeanne Damas opens its first restaurant in Paris 2

Jeanne Damas opens its first restaurant in Paris

Jeanne Damas and the restaurant? The name is not related to the topic of gastronomy. Damas is a Parisian, with her casual look she became a fixture on the fashion scene. In 2016, the influencer founded her own fashion brand: Rouje. She told Vogue about a year ago: "I consider Rouje a lifestyle brand, so to speak, an extension of my universe, so it is logical that it is not limited to fashion, not makeup, I want to create a lot more and open a store in Paris. "

This is the 27-year-old who has now launched into action. She opened her first boutique in the Montorgueil district of Paris in late September 2019. But it's not just a store: You can now dine in Jeanne Damas-style at the neighboring Chez Jeanne Restaurant.

First Jeanne Damas Restaurant: "Chez Jeanne"

Jeanne Damas, who is often compared to Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, even comes from a gastronomic family. When her parents recently closed their last restaurant, she had the urge to open her own restaurant and put her favorite dishes on the menu. "The food is healthy and seasonal, with small French plates to share, sweet and savory dishes that I love. Eggplants Croque-Jeanne and Burrata are always offered a la carte, such as natural wines and Grandma's favorite desserts," enthuses French Vogue.

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He also gives some private culinary insights into the conversation about opening his restaurant. So her favorite dish was salmon pasta, the food with the most sour cabbage since sex, and as a child she already ate oysters, black pudding and mashed meat. Likes that have lasted to this day and are now reflected on the "Chez Jeanne" map.

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