Mercury is regressive to scorpion influence 2

Mercury is regressive to scorpion influence

Between October 31 and November 20 The mercury will drop in the scorpion. This can be a very intense time for you and your loved ones. Because: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio try yourself in the deepest areas of your privacy. Whether on an emotional, sexual or financial levele – During this time, even very deeply hidden areas of your life are highlighted. Anyone who can take advantage of these special days to confront himself – and at this stage, seek to find a strong truth.

Are you really honest with yourself? Are you honest with your fellow human beings? And are your colleagues honest with you?

These are all questions you can ask yourself while Hermes is in decline at Scorpio. The important thing is that you they are really ready to see the truth in the eye.

Mercury's Decline in Scorpio: This means the relationship

The time between October 31 and November 20 is a very special time. You can use them, with to deal with all the things that have long been on your mind. Whether it's your emotions, your sex life or your finances, the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will help you explore and truly show your true, sincere self. This way you can more easily define and express your expectations and desires.

But beware: If you treat your partner with the truth, you need to be prepared. Finally, you can Things come to light that they would not expect. At worst, this can also mean a partnership. Retrograde mercury in Scorpio can, in extreme cases, be a test of whether your relationship is healthy and happy. If it is not, then you should be honest with yourself and your counterpart and draw a line. Remember, the truth is not always easy to pronounce, but in the end it can also relieve you. Just be glad you made the jump from a bad relationship now and not just after years.

What to look out for with Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio?

Be prepared to be honest with yourself and others during this time. But absolutely with sincere, unconditional love and seeeeeeehr very sensitive to the cause. Above all, it's important to be ready to get your ego back in the conversation. Honesty is important, but don't forget to be nice and nice. With this in mind, backscattered mercury in Scorpio can set the stage for strong personal growth.

Be brave! You will soon be rewarded with positive changes.