Monica Ivancan: Her new hairstyle entertains fans 2

Monica Ivancan: Her new hairstyle entertains fans

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October 11, 2019

Monica Ivancan: Her new hairstyle entertains fans

Almost every woman knows this: a visit to the hairdresser brings one or the other surprise. Sometimes, instead of our dream hairstyle, the real experience of failure awaits us – when we get home, we try our best to get closer to our dream hairstyle. Even model Monica Ivancan doesn't seem particularly happy after visiting the salon. On Instagram, the 42-year-old posts a photo of herself looking pretty torn from her underwear. The former neckline now wears a pony.

Pony said she would look stylish, they said, "Oliver Pocher's ex-girlfriend's decision is her decision. The fact that she shouldn't, not only reveals the appearance of a trained nutritionist. She also interprets emojis. recorded with numerous emoji of laughter Userin reveals, "It's nice if you're still laughing." That's right, it's all so bad!

Daniela Büchner: Takes a stand on Instagram

Daniela Büchner still has to justify herself for the way she handles the death of her husband Jens. Only after losing her five-year-old mother is she trying to regain her normalcy. With all the sadness, all the pain and all the tears, Danni Büchner, above all, accepted one thing: life must go on. And so the "goodbye to Germany" star has all the usual things everyone does: go on trips, rush with the kids, buy smart clothes – and laugh – for many fans, this is absolutely incomprehensible, and that's exactly what impatience makes Daniel so angry.

On Instagram, he addresses "people who condemn me, make me smile, make-up, put on clothes, etc." and makes it clear: "Whoever has never walked this way will not know how it feels. After our world has collapsed, everything has to renewing, step by step, for my children, for us as a family. ”Danni Büchner again faces the charge of unfairly leading a carefree life. Instagram doesn’t show how it feels on the inside. "Her fans support the 41-year-old." Such a strong woman, you can be proud of yourself. Still a lot of power, "says a follower of Danni Büchner.

Sophia Vegas: This is the reason for their break on social media

Still, she became Sophia Vegas, 32 years old. Since her dream wedding with her husband Daniel Charlie, 32, in Santa Barbara, to this day, nothing has changed on Bert Wollersheim-Ex's otherwise hectic Instagram account. Now Sophia Vegas is back with a few photos. Looks like the blonde wants to show off to her fans: I'm fine! And that's allowed to see the whole world. At the beginning of the year Sophia Vegas became a mom for the first time and has been hovering ever since.

Daughter Amanda messed up the reality star's life. He is now posting some cute snapshots of toddlers on Instagram. A former Big Brother contender writes, "If you look at the pictures you will see what makes me absolutely happy in my life and makes me happy." (Original quote) Sophia Vegas and her husband want to enjoy every second with their little daughter. "Our mouse is developing so fast that I just don't want to miss a moment," (original quote), he explains to his followers. Because taking care of your social media account can ever go into the background. That's good.

Sarah Harrison is now tattooed from top to bottom

That Sarah Harrison Dominic's husband is in tattoos is not to be overlooked. Numerous works adorn his well-groomed body. Now his wife is clearly infected with this art – and not too close. On Instagram, the 28-year-old now also presents colorful motifs that cover almost the entire body of the Playmater. The blonde poses in a black bikini and shows her followers tattooed from top to bottom. The right guy changes!

Really? Well, the shop wasn't as brave as Sarah's tattoos were just glued. In addition to the recording, the mother of the daughter explains, "One day be completely tattooed as dominic.harrison.official." The 28-year-old wants to know from her fans, "Did you recognize me directly? And not only that, subscribers love tattooed Sarah!" Swiss Post has raised nearly 200,000 likes so far – a real record.

"That would be very good for you," says the user, "Hammer" and "Amazing doll" are just some of the many positive comments. "And celebrities are impressed." Claudia Effenberg considers the lady tattooed as "angry." Former Biggest Loser coach Mareika Spaleck thinks "It's up to you." Maybe the former bachelor candidate is actually thinking about getting the right tattoo …

Sarah and Dominic Harrison

A terribly digital family

October 10th

Pietro Lombardi freak – and that's the reason

We rarely saw Pietro Lombardi so angry. Born in Karlsruhe, he is currently in high demand by jurors at "Deutschland sucht den Superstar." Casting requires a lot of patience from the singer, and it can be a busy day – it's understandable that the 27-year-old is looking forward to rest after work and a light sleep. But that's exactly what took away from him. The guests at the Pietro Hotel thwarted the bill and brought the otherwise relaxed DSDS winner to the nutmeg because the young people were up two hours a night for two hours, with loud non-stop music.

"Hey, take a break now, turn off the fucking music," Pietro demands of the other hotel guests, and he cheers up even more. Turn off the music now. There are young children here, ok. Respect all the people here, ok. Another sound and I'm completely rushed. That's enough! "First, the young people do not impress and talk to the pop singer. But little Alessi's father does not give up so soon. "Last chance, I swear to you, in everything I have," warns Pietro guests, and the fact is that after this announcement, it was finally peace!

Nina Bott

After a sister scandal, she gets a memorial

Nina Bott has been drawing attention in recent weeks: she escaped from the cafe because she was breastfeeding her baby. Why the actress has now been given an extraordinary monument, see in the video.

Ex-No Angel Nadja Benaissa sings in the band again

The No Angels 2009

The No Angels 2009

In 2000, no one walked past them – No Angels. The German Girl, which came out of the first season of the casting show "Popstar", was super successful. 19 years later Nadja Benaissa wants to build on the success of that time, with the female group Dresdner A capella medlz.

Saying goodbye to the music industry, her mother's daughter never was. "I've been active as a singer again for about a year and a half, making live music," the 37-year-old told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. The former No Angel is particularly impressed by the diversity of A Capella's music from the mughal.

Nadja Benaissa announced in September 2010 her release of the movie No Angels. Back then, it was quiet around the German R&B and pop singer.

Geissens: These lines are expensive Jigzaw and Kollegah

That goes beyond geissen too far! The Jigzaw rapper threatened to rape and kill his daughters Davine Shakira, 15, and Shania, 14, in his song "Medusablick." The spicy text line, "On Geissens daughter's 18th birthday, I stand at the door and catch up with" I kid and leave the creamy in her vagina "is really removed from the song, even the album has been pulled from the market, but it's too little Geissens. have already received a restraining order against the rapper's song, whose real name Nuhsan C. means.

Now a respectable family is demanding compensation. The Mannheim District Court considered a financial compensation of € 50,000 for both Davin and Shania as appropriate.

Also, rapper partner Kollegah is facing litigation, but only in November. In her song, "Midnight 2," she shoots Carmen Geiss: "Look at Carmen, it was a big mistake for us. She goes downhill to the Geisses like a goat, Peter." Whether both rappers have to pay the full amount is up to the Mannheim District Court.

Terribly glamorous woman

Carmen Geiss style change

October 9, 2019

Sylvie Meis: There is a thunderstorm for this photo

In fact, Sylvie Meis wanted to send her followers only an autumn greeting from Hamburger Alster. But the photo she posted on Instagram really angered many fans. The blonde holds a clip, namely a Starbucks disposable cup in her hand. Is it a little more environmentally friendly, her followers asked.

Comments such as "Plastic and Starbucks … BUH !!!!!!", "Straw … DOUBLEBREAD !!!!" followed or "Plastikmüll …., how stylish!" A follower writes, "It's as if the plastic cup wasn't bad enough already, or the fact that you're buying drinks from a group like Starbucks, you have to fill it all up by drinking from a plastic straw. Worse, it really doesn't work anymore … too bad!"

Robbie Williams: Daughter Teddy sings on his album

Robbie Williams' new Christmas album is full of surprises. The former Take That guy sings on it with "different guests," which in itself provides a lot of suspension. But now Robbie has revealed that his daughter Teddy will also be heard on the album. He announced this in a detailed live video on Instagram.

Robbie Williams' wife, Ayda Field, noted that her husband – like a good father – must now sing to his other two children as well. But the 45-year-old has a very clear opinion there. "Teddy is the only one who can sing," says the musician. Therefore, his wife did not make the album. Although Ayda would sing the song with him in the studio but this one was deleted. Alas!

October 8, 2019

Beatrice Egli: She gives a deep look on board

Beatrice Egli is doing well – and she is sharing her followers on Instagram. In her latest Instagram shot, Schlagerprinzessin is glowing in the camera. The 31-year-old is on board, her hair is blowing in the wind and a hearty laugh is contagious. The naval look – a striped shirt, a crab skirt and a ball hat – is given to the vibrant blonde. The apparent nickname above all is her décolletage: the blue-and-white striped, cropped bodyshell highlights Beatrice's curves especially well. This is also the opinion of many Swiss followers. "Hammer Photography", "Beautiful Woman" and "Easy Wow" are just some of the many positive reactions to photography.

What it looks like after the break is really the job: the Costa Victoria pop singer will be on stage to perform her latest album "Natürlich!" to give to the best. As part of the exclusive hit star Stars auf See, the top-topper should encourage guests. And I can’t wait for her performance, as she reveals to her Instagram followers. "LE LI LA is on board. There's a concert tonight and I'm so happy and excited." Guests will surely pay their money on the cruise ship!

Justin's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez: Selfie reveals her true feelings

How much does Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's sight really bother the 27-year-old? The lovers got married a second time – and let the whole world take part in it. On Instagram, the happy bride just posted some black and white shots of the happiest day of her life. While Hailey and her husband are hovering in cloud nine, ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is apparently nibbling at wedding footage. How much is the loss of her once great love, the singer now reveals on her Instagram account.

Selfie, who posted shortly after her wedding photos on the social media platform, goes to heart. The "Wolves" translator collapsed in a blanket, looking sad and tired, commenting on a photo of Selena: "Me, all the time." Initially, it was rumored that the actress and singer had made peace with his ex-boyfriend, and contrary to all speculations, he reacted to his marriage to Hailey. Obviously a mistake.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were a couple for three years. After four years of breaking ties, her love blossomed again in late 2017. The beginning of 2018 is finally over.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Love speeding

Cathy Hummels: Sad update for the holiday

Cathy Hummels has been spoiling her followers in recent days with beautiful footage from a vacation in Dubai. Together with his wife Mats Hummels (30) and son Ludwig (1), the designer takes a break from his stressful everyday life. Everything could be so beautiful – if it wasn't for Mom's troubled child. Because the kid is already sick again! On Instagram, the 31-year-old is giving her followers an update. "My poor Bärli. (…) We were so much looking forward to the break," Cathy Hummels comments on her story. Supposedly little Crazy has stomach problems. And for Cathy, that means keeping the bed together.

Fans are justifiably worried about the little one, as she asked her followers on social media platform Cathy Hummels. If anyone is in Dubai and has baby plugs, please report, "he addresses to his fans." Very urgent, we can't get them here. PM only, let's pick them up from everywhere. "I hope someone can help. We wish the little one better!

October 7, 2019

Chris Töpperwien: Amazing Love

It all started at Oktoberfest last year, now the love story of Chris Töpperwien (45) and girlfriend Delia (30) has ended abruptly. The Goodbye to Germany star is single again! The separation was friendly. In contrast to the & # 39; picture & # 39 ;, the former camper said: & # 39; We both found that our interests were moving in different directions. & # 39; He goes on: "Sometimes it takes time to realize that it may not be right for him." Accordingly, the couple decided together after a joint visit to Wiesen for this step.

Chris Töpperwien and Marketing Director met at the Munich Oktoberfest in 2018. For Neusser, everything seemed like a first after a great love. In March, the 45-year-old raged: "We can laugh a lot and have great conversations. It fits perfectly." Now the reality TV star is going through life on her own – and has big plans – Chris Töpperwien wants to return in late October. America will fully commit to its passion: its business in Currywurst.

The café gives Nina Bott her nursing chair

Breastfeeding in public is the real issue of actress Nina Bott. Hamburg woman demands greater tolerance for breastfeeding women in cafes, public transport, hairdressers, etc. – and taboo the topic in public, especially in the media. Already at the beginning of the year, the 41-year-old caught the attention of an incredible story: Since a triple mom in a Hamburg cafe gave her baby a breast, she had to leave the bistro following the instructions of the operator. The failure for the show host, Prominent, who, after this action, was not only stunned but visibly disappointed by so much lack of understanding. Now the former GZSZ star is once again facing an evergreen theme. But what happened to Nina Bott now puts the crown on the whole.

On her Instagram channel, the 41-year-old posts a photo of a chair with a brass plate attached. Read on: "In this chair Nina Bott was breastfeeding her baby."

Her disbelief underlines the actress with the following consequences: "Kind of really nice, but it still irritates me and somehow still, because since my (let's call it) Stilleklat is in February, actually every time I breastfeed in public and ask in fact, can she it will annoy or hurt or even upset someone if I give my beloved milk to my baby. "

Who this engraving was is unknown. But it remains to be hoped that Nina Bott can laugh heartily at this commitment.

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