Need antibiotics? A new quick test reveals this 2

Need antibiotics? A new quick test reveals this

In Germany, premature prescribing of antibiotics is a big problem. This should now be prevented by this newly created rapid test.

Antibiotics are often prescribed prematurely in Germany. According to the "world", the drug is only prescribed in Hamburg about 500,000 times a year. Frightening: In every third patient, the antibiotic does not help at all. But often not only ineffective, the consequences are far-reaching: the more often a patient takes antibiotics, the faster his or her body becomes immune to it. If it is actually needed, then it is inefficient and it can be dangerous.

This is what health insurance and doctors want to prevent with a model project in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. To do this, scientists have developed a quick test that can show if An antibiotic is needed or not. A quick test shows if the condition is bacterial.

Namely, antibiotics work exclusively against bacterial infections, the anti-virus drug is ineffective.

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How does a quick antibiotic test work?

It's a quick test similarly designed as a blood sugar test, The new test method can detect the values ​​of inflammation caused by bacteria. In serious bacterial infectious diseases, C-reactive protein is increased, which can then be detected in the blood. Therefore, this method is also called the fast CRP test.

Advantage of the new test over the blood test

The diagnosis is made immediately after the test. Before that, doctors always had to take blood from their patients. Only after two days did they get results from the lab. This method has not usually been used in medical practice due to complex procedures. The result: Many doctors prescribed antibiotics, though it was not required.

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Patients persuade doctors to prescribe the drug

There are obviously many patients who do not want to believe that antibiotics do not help against viral diseases such as colds and flu. "We hear again and again that patients are being pressured to get a prescription for antibiotics and that he can help them with the test," confirms Walter Plassmann, chairman of the board of directors of the Hamburg Association of Compulsory Health Insurance (KVH) doctors, in an interview with Die Welt. It is now hoped that fewer and fewer patients will want to take antibiotics if a quick black and white test proves it is not needed.

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What is the cost of the new test method?

Great news: Patients who want to take the test usually do not have to worry about the cost. Most health insurance companies cover the costs.

Doctors have to pay 1000 euros for the device and train them how to operate it.

For now A project model that can only be used by Hamburg ENT, pediatricians and pediatricians, The hope remains that a new rapid test will soon be possible in other states to prevent antibiotic resistance.

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