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New Collaboration Agreement: LWL and Addiction Help Wendepunkt Strengthen Further Collaboration

For almost 20 years, the LWL Rehabilitation Center Südwestfalen has been conducting outpatient rehabilitation at the Dicke Hecke 40 in Neheim. To this end, there is an agreement on cooperation between Wendepunkt Addiction Assistance and Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe with the Westphalian Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinic Warstein. As the offer of outpatient rehab for Warstein Hospital does not cover the costs (room rent, ancillary and maintenance costs do not refinance with the cost of the rates of the health insurance fund and the pension provider), both partners have now entered into a new contract: Accordingly, optical fibers Use premises of 1 January 2020 free of charge.
This way co-operation and location should remain secure. An important decision was sealed in the context of the official signing of the contract by representatives of LWL and the city of Arnsberg. The co-operation agreement is of great importance for the City of Arnsberg and the citizens concerned: Families and single persons with children or persons in need of care can be treated at the place of residence and serious harm caused by the absence of a carer for several months. Employees can continue their work without interruption. It is possible to cooperate with resident companies and company contracts with employees with addicts and continue employment at the same time. This situation encourages the citizens of the cities of Arnsberg and Sundern to make their own health decisions and medical rehabilitation. As part of the collaboration, milestone employees are also free to participate in the supervision and training offered by the Landscape Association. This includes course certificates for professionals in. Methodological Competence. The cooperation between the two institutions has grown steadily in the twentieth year of the agreement and has been characterized by mutual trust and professional recognition, the city of Arnsberg said.

Facts and Figures

In 2018, 60 people took outpatient med. Rehab in Arnsberg true. To that end, another 20 people received hospital rehab in Warstein. In certain cases, a stationary form is a more appropriate means. For 2019, the turning point, due to the constantly high demand for counseling services, begins with an increasing number of rehabilitators.

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