Nike brings Jesus' holy water sneakers to the sole - for $ 3000 2

Nike brings Jesus' holy water sneakers to the sole – for $ 3000

There have been endless collaborations lately. Models collaborate with make-up companies, musicians with fashion tiles, Greta Thunberg with 1975, Heidi Klum with Lidl. A lot of things are interesting and creative, but sometimes you just want to shake your head. What should this do? Why can't everyone just do what they learned? Nettles and groin and so on …? Nettle is probably the worst example in this particular case. Because shoe maker Nike has partnered with design firm MSCHF in Brooklyn to create the most unusual sneaker of the year. And that collaboration should actually clarify the nonsense of all these other collaborations of recent times. Uh – okay. Nice target, all that.

Everyone seems to be working with everyone right now

MSCHF's crazy creative minds sat down and created creative thoughts. "What if Nike was working with Jesus?" After all, that was the question he wanted to answer with his own designs. And so the design of the shoes became very religious for Nike. On the shrouds of white sneakers, the classic Nike Air Max 97s, you'll find a stylized drop of blood, which, of course, should represent Jesus' blood shed for the sake of lamb. Where the laces are threaded, a small crucifix hangs. The insole is red because the Pope usually wears red shoes.

In addition, a Bible saying is written on the side of sports shoes. This is Matthew 14:25, "But in the fourth watch Jesus came to them and went out to sea. And when the disciples saw him walking by the sea, they were frightened and shouted, "It is a ghost," crying with fear. But immediately Jesus said to them, "Well, it is I; fear not!"

Customers have holy water at their feet

Going to sea – as it might feel, the wearer of "Jesus shoes" can at least be imagined. For, on the high, actually filled soles of their tread, which shone the true holy water, he fled from the Jordan River in Israel. To help you see it, shoe designers painted it blue. And to keep these shoes as sacred as possible, MSCHF staff actually convinced the true priest to bless every exclusive pair.

There are only 24 pairs left of the ghost sneakers. And MSCHF offered itself for a proud $ 3,000 – in fact, a completely absurd price. But amazingly, numerous sneaker fans immediately announced their interest. The shoes sold out within minutes. Despite solid profits, designers do not intend to produce more "Jesus shoes" or republish the collection in the future. Were these really the sneakers Jesus created, they will remain open. Maybe he would prefer sandals – MSCHF should call Birkenstock.