For the first time, the roll-up exhibition will be part of the annual meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss Society for Hematology and Medical Oncology, which will take place from 10 to 14 October 2019 in Berlin.

With the new show face project, the German Foundation for Young Adult Cancer intends to introduce devoted young women and men to TREFFPUNKTEN and show their faces – and thus the people – behind their stories. The group exhibition was conceived and conducted together with those affected. It aims to draw attention to the special situation of young people with cancer at congresses and symposia. The stories and faces behind them will be presented for the first time at the annual meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss Society for Hematology and Medical Oncology from 10 to 14 October 2019 in Berlin. From 2020, the exhibition will be on the website of the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer.

The initiators of TREFFPUNKTE are the young victims themselves, and apart from the organization, they are involved in the content of the foundation's questions and goals. In addition, MEETINGS CONDITIONS serve to exchange information with one another. Shared meals, trips or other activities create the necessary informal atmosphere. There are now 28 MEETING POOLS with more than 1,000 affected people across the country. Further meeting appointments are always welcome in planning and inquiries. Those interested can contact the German Foundation for Young Adult Cancer, email:

Active participants from the MEETING PLACE take part in sick days and congresses, organize theme nights and are available for interviews. They sensitize the public to the topic and actively approach multipliers. Therefore, the success of TREFFPUNKTE is largely based on the patients' own initiative and their commitment to other young adults with cancer. Thanks to the TREFFPUNKTE initiative, there are close collaborations with universities and medical centers. However, joint lectures and information events are only part of different activities. Learning from each other, focusing on the needs of the young people affected and hearing them are central to this collaboration.

"It is very important for us, not only the public, but also the future physicians to be sensitized to our special situation," explains 39-year-old Rebecca from TREFFPUNKT from Thuringia. The nurse suffered from leukemia and founded the first MEETING FAIR in Germany. Particularly important to all members is the feeling that they are not alone with the diagnosis. "A friend who has not had cancer can hardly understand my situation and fears. She may even be complacent. Sometimes I just have to exchange a few words with other people to understand myself," says Mara of TREFFPUNKT Hamburg.

"Many affected young people want to be active, help others, and quickly return to their lives and return to work. Their commitment always impresses us," says Prof. Dr. Diana Lüftner, Board Member of the German Young Adult Foundation cancer patients, board member of the German Society DGHO for Hematology and Medical Oncology e. V. and senior physician at the Department of Hematology and Oncology at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

In order to encourage exchange between groups, large meetings are held annually at all PLACES OF MEETINGS. Following the first meeting in Lauterbach, Hesse in 2018, this year's meeting took place in April 2019 in Bruckmühl near Rosenheim. Lectures and workshops are offered under the main topic of Nutrition. The highlight of the weekend was a shared cooking class, followed by dinner in a communicative and relaxed atmosphere.

For example, TREFFPUNKTE members actively participated in the Cancer and the desire to have children project. Thanks to their support and constant public presence, the Bundestag amended the Social Security Code in May 2019, meaning that the costs of cryo-conservation of eggs and sperm, as well as germ tissue, must be borne by statutory health care providers. So far, those affected have had to pay sometimes very high costs of up to € 4,300.

In the context of the Cancer and Poverty Project, young people who are involved in their own experiences about the financial and social situation after cancer have made a significant contribution to the creation of the 16th volume of the Health Policy Program "Financial and Social Impacts of Cancer for Young People", published by DGHO. in collaboration with the Foundation.

The current Cancer Leave information campaign focuses on the long-term effects of cancer and cancer treatment. The intention is to sensitize the affected and the public on the subject. The campaign includes video clips that entertain, reflect and surprise the everyday situations of young cancer patients, as well as the voices and stories of their patients.

Prof. honey. Mathias Freund, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German Foundation
for young adults with cancer, points to specific problems with cancer in young adulthood: "Every year in Germany, about 15,000 young women and men between the ages of 18 and 39 suffer from cancer of the new. Although more than 80 percent of young patients can heal thanks to medical advances, "still" means "not yet cured, healthy." Many patients suffer from cognitive, physical, emotional and social long-term consequences after sometimes severe chemotherapy and radiotherapy interventions. "

All foundation projects are funded solely by donations. The German Foundation for Young Adult Cancer is recognized as a charity.

Bank account of the German Foundation for Young Adult Cancer:
Postal Bank, IBAN: DE57 1001 0010 0834 2261 04, BIC: PBNKDEFF

(The given gender form represents all genders.) The exclusive use of these names in patients who are referred to in themselves has reasons for data protection.)

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