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Power Yoga: Dynamic training for beginners and advanced

Power yoga is a type of generic term that can encompass various types of yoga. Yoga style is now available in professional yoga studios at fitness centers. Power Yoga focuses on muscle and defined body training. The meditative part as well as the relaxation are second to none.

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga comes from the US and was developed there in the 1990s. Bryan Kest and Baron Baptiste – both students of Pattabhi Jois – created this style. It is a particularly dynamic and invigorating form of Ashtanga yoga. It was originally developed in India for western students and includes both asanas i.e. classical exercises as well as so called. Pranayama, breathing exercises. Both Ashtanga and Power Yoga are difficult to relate to spirituality, and meditation also has a very small part.

How does Power Yoga work?

In Power Yoga, you get sweat. Such a watch can be physically exhausting. However, the word "strength" means to strive for less muscular or physical strength; moreover, it means inner strength, which should be strengthened by often demanding exercises. Every yogi should have the opportunity to find, test and extend their own limits in Power Yoga.

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These Power Yoga features have:

  • The yoga teacher does little or no work for an hour, but provides instructions and practices with his students
  • Each yogi can determine his own pace as well as his own intensity
  • To do this, the teacher proposes to the yogis different variations of the same exercise
  • Power Yoga breathes only through the nose, the breathing rhythm is adapted to the movement

Power Vinyasa Yoga and Core Power Yoga

These two styles are among the most famous types of power yoga. These two forms are known for their dynamic and invigorating effect.

The power of Vinyasa yoga

This type of power yoga is most used. "Vinyasa" is Sanskrit and means as much as setting up or laying down a certain way. This describes the sequence of movements and asanas. By breathing through the nose with the flow of this movement, you can better assess whether the exercise is too strenuous.

Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga is less designed for movement flow and more for muscle building and training specific muscle groups. The muscles of the back and abdomen are specially trained.

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For whom is an intense yoga style appropriate?

No prior knowledge of Power Yoga is required. However, it is especially suitable for those who want to use exercise for weight loss and for exercising their body. In addition, it is a good option especially for beginners who have yet to get used to the spirituality factor in yoga, as this style is a soft entry.

Power Yoga is a real sport! It is a form of yoga for those who want to clear their minds, who want to become more agile and who want to exhaust themselves. As there is no one form, it is important to be careful when choosing a course, which is what it is – because the term Power Yoga can hide a lot.