RN + After a False Start: Brambauers Franziska Bloeß Explains VfL Wants to End Its Crisis 2

RN + After a False Start: Brambauers Franziska Bloeß Explains VfL Wants to End Its Crisis

Franziska Bloeß, 26, a newcomer to the VfL Brambauer women's handball team, presented herself differently at the start of the season for VfL women. With four defeats from four games and the resulting zero points, Brambauer is in last place in the table. A result that certainly lowers your confidence.

Where exactly are the reasons for this false start, Bloeß cannot yet say exactly: "We are currently analyzing the reasons internally, to process them in competitive time and beyond."

The fact that the opponents were too strong denies Bloeß, without questioning their ability and strength. "Of course the opponents were good. But we also put them in the game well," Bloeß said.

A little confidence, technical mistakes and lack of concentration

VfL Brambauer has often had smaller phases in recent games where there wasn't much in common at the time. Stages in which there was a lack of confidence then. The lid was not packaged consistently, too many technical errors broke out in the attack, and also lacked concentration in Torabschluss. "We have a lot of new players this season. Also in the previous season. This indicates a dynamic group process. But I would argue that every VfL player is strong and has potential. Now, our job is, among other things, to consolidate the interaction, "she says.

Franziska Bloess is one of the newcomers to the VfL team. She comes with TV Wickede and has a total of 21 years of handball experience. She spent her youth at HSG Soest and played on district selection teams. Bloes is a tall runner and should ensure stability in the VfL team. "I want to develop technically. But I also want to do justice to my role on the defensive block and be convinced with strong performance. But I also want to improve the timing of time vigilance, keeping a close eye on what each player is doing," she says.

Bloeß: "landscaping from the back"

Although VfL Brambauer started the season poorly, she still trusts her team a lot. But she is aware that after four defeats in a row there should be no big leaps: "We should not lean too much out the window. But I believe in this team and we are all self-critical enough. We will work hard to improve the performance of the individual, and therefore of the whole team. "We need team spirit, discipline, dedication, commitment and confidence to clear the field from the back." The fall break is coming in handy. In the team around coach Andre Schwedler, it will be worth working on yourself to finally leave the table step by step.