So the tiny spots disappear immediately! 2

So the tiny spots disappear immediately!

Get rid of pimples: 5 tips

Do you apply the following products? alone or in combination with each other you can say goodbye to annoying pimples painting very quickly, because she help heal and get rid of the nasty spots,

1. A mask from the Rügen healing chalk helps with pimples painting

One tip from the heart: With one Rügen Therapy Chalk Mask (about 18 euros, 1kg) you can get rid of dirt and get rid of pimples pretty quickly. Because the powder chalk has whitening, skin tone becomes uniform and discoloration tones, Another advantage: The mask is full of precious and natural minerals. It has a cleansing effect, promotes blood circulation and cares for sustainability. It is not without reason that it is also called "the white gold of Rügen". Simply mix a few teaspoons of chalk with a small amount of water, apply the skin and wash thoroughly after drying.

2. Cordes BPO cream cures pimples and whitening pimples

also Cordes BPO cream is whitenedTherefore, a white towel should be placed over the pillow when applied in the evening. Above all, for & # 39; we love her so much because she lets the pimples disappear into her sleep. And at the top it is quite cheap and over the counter available. Here we explain the effect of madness in a little more detail – and Here you can buy the miracle cure for about 15 euros,

3. Retinol promotes cell renewal and thus eliminates Pickelmale

We are big fans of Retinol. And not unfounded. Even dermatologists explain vitamin A in terms of aging skin and impurities as an absolute lamp, which should be considered much more. Because retinol stimulates cell renewal and collagen production, the skin is gently "peeled" and new ones may arise. so Not only the pimples are heard off, but also the pigment spots and pimples, MEGA! Want to know more about retinol? Then look again here. And here is our favorite Bioniva cream for a whopping 23 euros.

4. Chemical peels renew the surface of the skin

To get rid of pimples forever, you need to use effective peels, which refresh the surface of the skin and thus remove the slight discoloration. Gentle chemical peels, such as peeling off Paula's salicylic acid for about 14 euros, visibly remove facial skin and effectively fight pimples and even pimples. Research has clearly shown that exfoliation exfoliation is an integral part of the skin care routine to get smooth and hydrated skin. A non-rinsed BHA rubbing is the best choice. You should use the rub every third day at the beginning. If your skin responds well, you can increase the routine. Pay attention to the reaction of your skin!

5. Niacinamide ensures a more uniform complexion

Niacinamide has proven to be a real miracle drug and works similar to retinol or vitamin C.Also known as vitamin B3 normalized niacinamide the production of sebum on the skin and releases poresIn addition, niacinamide regulates the overdose skin and leaves Pigment spots and pimples disappear, We put niacinamide 10% on "The Ordinary" for about 15 euros and race with pimples and pimples alike. If you are using a cream, serum or salicylic acid peel at night, we recommend applying niacinamide in the morning as it has a different ph value and otherwise is ineffective.