Sustainable care: These 5 tips are easy on the hair and the environment 2

Sustainable care: These 5 tips are easy on the hair and the environment

Sustainability is undoubtedly the most important topic of the watch. Whether it is food, travel, clothing or furniture, we are becoming more critical and aware of what we are actually choosing.

Of course, you should also have this statement regarding beauty and beauty products: For example, the sustainability of hair care means, apart from the environmental aspect, that we nourish and strengthen the scalp and mane so that they look healthy and shiny. However, traditional products often contain aggressive substances which, although temporarily improving the structure of the hair, damage it in the long run. Sad result: weak, dull hair.

Pamela Reif swears by natural ingredients

Fitness blogger Pamela Reif knows this from her own experience: “I have become aware that conventional shampoos and conditioners are often full of paraffin, paraben and silicone. They don't really care about their hair, but they "# 39; and make it soft and shiny. This is a very cheap alternative to high quality natural care products. This is why the industry uses it so often, ”explains the blogger in an Instagram post revealing the secret of her dream hair. "But over time, the health of your hair suffers because real hair care products may not be able to reach your hair. You have to pay attention to more than just a short wow effect in the shower," continues the impact, which has been using exclusively natural Sante cosmetics for years. , wash your hair only once a week.

5 Tips for Sustainable Hair Care: You Should Pay Attention

We have put together five specific tips for you on how to protect your hair and the environment with the right choice of your products and a conscious care routine.

1. Do not wash your hair every day

Rare shampooing preserves the natural protective coating of the hair. You do not have to worry about oily spots, after only a few days the scalp adjusts and the sebaceous glands produce less sebum. On average, a German consumes 120 to 130 liters of water daily, and only 40 to 44 liters for showering. Here you can easily become more sustainable and do something good for the environment and your hair.

2. Do not use silicone products

Every woman wants silky shiny hair that can be easily combed after washing. Silicones are often used to achieve this effect. They wrap individual hair like a shell and soften it. As the coat gradually builds up and thickens, valuable fabrics of care products can no longer penetrate the hair. This is why hair is still thick and powerless despite promising shiny products. Silicones are also synthetic polymers that are difficult to break down. Around the shower water they enter the environment.

For over 30 years, Sante has been committed to sustainable products with selected active ingredients from certified organic farming. A natural cosmetics company from Germany mainly deals with mineral oils, parabens, microplastics and silicones. Instead, agents are used to increase natural energy and moisture – for example, the nutrient-rich organic extract of the birch tree that provides maximum moisture and all the important nutrients.

3. Look out for mild alternatives to sulfate

Sulphates are aggressive and can damage the scalp and cause dryness and itching. The Vegan Series of Sante relies on the cleansing of herbal and much gentler surfactants derived from sugar beet.

4. Heat protection by plant proteins

Hair is largely made up of protein. It is lost by heat and frequent washing, becoming dry and brittle. Protein-containing hair care products cover the hair like a protective cover to prevent loss of elasticity. Proteins are mainly derived from animal proteins. Sante, on the other hand, uses protein complexes from plant sources like soy, corn, and wheat for its vegan natural cosmetics. These protein complexes provide intense moisture and give a smooth hair feel. All products, of course, are animal free.

5. Flavonoids: Antioxidants protect against environmental influences

As you take care of skin care to protect it from the sun and the negative effects of the environment, you should do the same with hair products. Both the shampoo and conditioner from Sante's Shine Care line contain organic birch leaf extract and are rich in flavonoids that protect your mane from free radicals and reduce hair loss.

Sante's Glanz Series: Natural Hair Care Heroes

Sante's popular shine conditioner meets all of the above criteria for sustainable care. The NATRUE certification guarantees that the products work without mineral oils, petrochemicals, genetically modified substances, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives. Bio-Hero has now got a partner with Shine Shampoo, which complements it perfectly. The duo gives your hair a silky shine and loose fullness and is suitable for every hair type. Peanut oil, turnip root oil and nourishing birch leaf extract have a hydrating effect, nourish and nourish your hair and ensure good combing immediately after washing. Provitamin B5, also known as panthenol, fights hair damage and retains its elasticity and elasticity.

"Caring for you and the world!"

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