TEV Miesbach Visits Königsbrunn: Distant Points for Self Confidence 2

TEV Miesbach Visits Königsbrunn: Distant Points for Self Confidence

In Bayernliga hockey, TEH Miesbach moves to the EHC Königsbrunn. The following applies: Distant confidence points.

– With a away win against Geretsried, the cracks of TEV Miesbach could avoid a false start to the Bavarian League season last weekend. With four points from the first two games, you can live at Camp Miesbacher – despite an unplanned home defeat against Schongau. Now is the time to add more counters, but there are two difficult tasks: Today's Friday at 8pm TEV has to compete at the EHC Königsbrunn, and hosted by the knocked out EHC Waldkraiburg against Oberliga on Sunday.

After an extra time against Geretsried, Königsbrunn started a 4-3 home win, but then celebrated 2: 9-Abreibung in Erding. TEVs and penguins also met in preparation. Then the guests in Miesbach won 4: 3. Even if it couldn't be counted, Miesbacher opened at least a small account.

"Now we want to eliminate the home defeat against Schongau by winning points at Königsbrunn. The preparatory game against Königsbrunn was a bit lukewarm on our side, but now it's about something," explains TEV coach Peter Kathan. The staff hasn't changed much since the opening weekend.Only Stephan Stiebinger fails due to a knee injury.An accurate diagnosis for the veteran is not yet available, more detailed information about the injury will bring an investigation today.

Will Filip Kokoska be there, you only know in the short term. The contingent had to take antibiotics. If he feels well and is no longer on sick leave, the Czech will travel to Königsbrunn. "We'll decide in the short term if that makes sense," Kathan says. Felix Feuerreiter, who couldn't train due to a cold earlier this week, is likely to be in the party.

"Failures hurt a little," Kathan admits. "If Filip Kokoska can't play, we and Stephan Stiebinger will miss two cracks that are very important in Special Teams. But we have a big squad. That's why it's not so bad."

After the opening weekend, he is, above all, overplayed and overpaid as crucial. "It's still hard for us to score goals and we need to improve 'five to five'. We're still working on graduation."

In practice during the week, Miesbacher was again particularly focused on turning numerous chances into multiple hits. If the red and white succeed in Königsbrunn, three points are definitely possible. And then the home defeat against Schongau is finally forgotten by everyone.