"The whole profession is defamed" 2

"The whole profession is defamed"

Climate change week has a lasting negative impact on senders. In particular, the "Irrweg Pesticides" exhibition, which opened at City Hall on September 15, defamed and discriminated against farmers in their entire profession. That's why Bernd Aundrup gets arrested <! –-> was visibly "missed" at a recent Council meeting and criticized the behavior of the administration and organizers of Climate Change Week. He does not speak as a member of the CDU council, but as an "independent" farmer and a local farmer from Senden, he stressed.

"Climate change week was a disaster for us farmers," Aundrup said. Such "one-sided and misrepresentation" has nothing to do with climate protection. "We farmers cause seven percent of carbon dioxide in Germany, but NGOs treat them as the culprits of the nation. The fact that climate change week is then opened by a lady who is a toxicologist is a highlight," said Aundrup, criticizing that community funds were used to buy the exhibition, has put farmers under "general suspicion". Well-trained farmers and agricultural engineers would be thwarted "as if they were criminals or poisons," local farmers complained. Entire families suffered from such defamation. "Even the massive mistreatment of teachers against schoolchildren is happening in Senden," Aundrup claimed.

Mayor Sebastian Täger wanted to calm down, but acknowledged that the "Irrweg pesticide" exhibit was "politically biased, but not as harsh" as Aundrup presented. On behalf of the community, he had already apologized to local agricultural associations. The Committee on the Environment, Rolf Wiederkehr (Greens), said that the Climate Change Week was not directed against agriculture, but only against "certain types of agriculture." It is important for environmentalists and farmers to remain in dialogue.