Weight Loss: Minus 33 pounds - that's how Ben achieved his goal 2

Weight Loss: Minus 33 pounds – that's how Ben achieved his goal

The first time the scales went over 100 pounds, I was shocked. That day, sometime in early 2015, I decided to buy a body scale paired with a special application.

So I had the truth not only in the bathroom in mind, but every day in the app and was motivated to get me back in shape.

I read nutrition books, walked like a lunatic several times a week, and tried to avoid sweets. I was determined to finally fight Kilos.

In August of the same year we were expecting my first child, and by then I had to become a new person, I decided that.

So I started, radically reducing my daily calorie intake, sometimes going to sports several times a day (swimming and running), doing a 7-minute workout every night and feeling invincible: Nothing and no one could stop me!

The first ten pounds disappeared extremely quickly, and then I made the first, decisive mistake: rest on your laurels.

The hoof is just waiting for this day – the day when you think you have everything under control, you don't eat junk, you move enough, you pay attention to yourself.

The first running unit failed, "bad weather, I'll catch up tomorrow morning," then there was barbecue, there was no sport. Yes, grilled foods are full of sugar, but the meat tastes only half, and tomorrow morning I go anyway.

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