What were the kids wearing flowers in the 1960s? 2

What were the kids wearing flowers in the 1960s?

Flower children, better known as hippies, were known for their uprising against the rules of society to create a culture of peace and happiness. To spread their message, hippies often went around distributing flowers, hence the term "children with flowers". The style of children's flowers was different from that of mainstream society, as they appeared to make a bold statement about love and happiness with their fashion choices.

What were the kids wearing flowers in the 1960s? 3

Handmade clothes

Because children with flowers did not want to dress like the rest of society, they often chose their own clothes. Leather t-shirts are one of the most common minds associated with hippies. T-shirts were relatively easy to make. After turning a shirt, he secured it with rubber strips and placed it in a water container, where it was painted. It was allowed to soak before taking it out, turning in the opposite direction and reviving it. T-shirts and trousers were also common among children with flowers. Macrame heads became popular with beads and handmade sandals. Often the hippies decided to go barefoot.

Bright, vibrant colors

To express their freedom from the rule of society, children with flowers wore bright, bold colors. Many also opted for "psychedelic" designs. During the hippie era, many children with flowers had a "flow" mindset and did drugs themselves. Psychedelic drugs like LSD and mushrooms have become popular during this time. Many who have been affected by psychedelic substances often describe their environment as bright and bright in bright colors. It is likely that these medications influenced the color choices that became part of the fashion model for flower children.


The symbol of peace was used to express the child's disapproval of the Vietnam war. Symbols of peace were often worn around the neck as necklaces, in the shirt as a brooch or as a belt buckle. Flowers were also common to represent peace and happiness. Although many flowers were brought around, women could be found with flowers behind their ears. "Flower Power" has become a popular saying and is often printed on clothing or accessories. Ankles were also a common accessory among hippies in the 1960s.


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