With children allergic to rest

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With children allergic to rest

Going on holiday with an allergy child is not a problem, as long as parents pay attention to a few things.

Therefore, it should be selected in children with pollen allergy, a place where the amount of pollen is small. Therefore, because of their stay abroad, parents need to inquire if allergenic plants are growing and, if so, when they are blooming in the resort. For example, while staying in the North and Baltic Sea or in the mountains, parents can be sure that they have found a small pollen. The accommodation should also be free of allergenic plants. Children with household dust allergies are especially good in the mountains. As a rule, they can breathe freely here because there are no dust mites at higher altitudes.

With children affected by a food allergy, parents should be informed beforehand which national dishes contain the allergens. In addition, it makes sense to issue a passport on the allergy to the child, which publishes in the appropriate national language what allergy is present and what food is called taboo. In addition, parents should download the translation application on their mobile phone so that they can determine when they are shopping or visiting a food restaurant that contains the appropriate allergen. It also makes sense to bring a certain amount of non-allergenic food from home so that your baby can be well taken care of in any situation.

The first aid kit should contain all the medications your baby needs while on holiday with an allergy child. They include antihistamines, often also cortisone or cortisone sprays, in children with severe allergies, an auto-adrenaline injector to prevent anaphylactic shock. Before traveling by plane or traveling to distant lands, parents should inquire about the rules for taking medication. The introduction of medication may require a local language medical certificate.

Source: allergicus 2/2019