With confidence MTSV Schwabing 2

With confidence MTSV Schwabing

Rosenheim / Schwabing – SBR Basketball players compete on Saturday, October 12, against the heavily judged Schwabinger. Rosenheimer are optimistic.

Press release:

"The victory must come!"According to the confident challenge of the SBR Center, Stephan Hlatky before today's away game of his regional league at MTSV Schwabing. This confidence comes despite two defeats in the previous three games, not by accident.

So Rosenheimer could surely convince his performances in Wilsbiburg and at home against Treuchtlingen, even if in the end (still) no victory was won for them. In Wilsbiburg they designed the game outdoors and had to pay for an apprenticeship, in the home game against the leaders they led a tumultuous fight and ended up losing only relatively close – and without the top scorer and stripper in SBR dress, Captain Jguwon Hogges.

The return will be found on the trip after the trip to the US, as well as all the successes, so the optimism of the Mulalich protégé seems justified.

MTSV Schwabing started poorly on the season

Especially today's Schwabing opponents with two defeats against Jen and home rivals Hellenic Munich conceivably started poorly in the season is.

Schwabinger's assessment, however, is difficult: Also young troupe around veteran Nicholas Freer achieves relatively good results, the true shooter is not recognizable. Rosenheimer must be awake and all the opponents have on the ballot, such important success should be possible at least on paper. Along the way, the Spartans at Schwabing meet Adi Gheorghiu, an old acquaintance, while the former Aiblinger wore an SBR jersey for several seasons. The jump ball at Schwabinger Morawitzkyhalle is already 3pm.

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