Acupuncture Diet: This technique supports weight loss 2

Acupuncture Diet: This technique supports weight loss

Acupuncture is known as a method of traditional Chinese medicine and is usually considered as pain therapy with fine needles that are placed in specific areas of the body. On the one hand, they can cure illnesses and counteract cravings like smoking, but on the other hand, they can also help you lose weight. Because: With acupuncture, it should be possible to release energy blockages in the body and provide better circulation. Not only does it stimulate blood circulation and affect various processes in the body – including hormones, nerves and the immune system – it also regulates appetite and minimizes hunger.

How does acupuncture affect client success?

In order to lose weight by acupuncture treatment, extremely thin needles are inserted into the ear and left for ten days to develop their effect and release possible blockages – this therapy can also be repeated several times. During treatment, the needles are cut out to protrude no more than one millimeter from the ear and can be protected with plaster. Because of the position of the ears, experts believe that these acupuncture points in the brain affect hunger and inhibit appetite. Once the needles stimulate them, they stimulate different functions in the organs. In addition, they should have a positive effect on fat burning and metabolism. The actual success of acupuncture is not scientifically one hundred percent recognizable, but numerous studies confirm the effect on the body.

What are the requirements for this technique?

For acupuncture treatment, you should speak in detail with the attending physician to rule out possible complications. First of all, it is important that it is not used in some diseases and that it should also be used during pregnancy. The most important thing for a customer's success is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Regular workouts and a balanced diet are definitely necessary, and acupuncture can only be understood as an incentive for weight loss.